Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 230

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 230
“I know. You did quite well.”

Shaun sat there nonchalantly with a sense of great nobility emanating from his handsome face.

Willie was inwardly filled with joy. Before he could speak, Shaun’s thin lips began moving.

“But… didn’t she suspect anything?”

As soon as Shaun finished speaking, an aura of coldness and awe permeated the surroundings. Willie’s heart seemed to have frozen.

“Don’t lie to me, Willie,” Shaun warned dully, “You remember what happened when you were 18 after you lied to me, don’t you?”

Willie shuddered. The year he turned 18 was his darkest year ever.

“She… She did suspect.” Shaking like a leaf, Willie was too scared to hide it from him. “She now knows that you come from the Hill family, but I didn’t tell her about it. She was the one who tricked me, and I made a mistake. Moreover, we share the same last name…”

Shaun rubbed his brows. He knew earlier that Willie, this dumb*ss, would fail to do as per his instructions and end up creating more trouble for him.

Willie stammered, “Brother Shaun, are you worried that she’ll throw herself at you and pester you after she finds out who you are? Actually, this always happens. No matter where we go, numerous women flock to us. Having said that, her status is too low to be your lover.”

“Shut up.” Shaun’s icy gaze swept over him. “Get out of Melbourne right away.”

“Okay, okay. I’m leaving now.”

Willie did not feel like staying in this damned place either. He immediately packed his things and left at once.

Shaun got to his feet and walked toward the French window in the room. His brows furrowed in spite of himself. He was a skeptic. As he had lived in the Hill family’s glory since he was young, plenty of women had thrown themselves at him because of his identity, which filled him with disgust. Therefore, he had never told Catherine about his identity, hoping that she would love him for him.

Nevertheless, she had found out about his identity today. How would she view him?

Hadley said softly, “Don’t worry, Young Master Hill. Catherine fell for you at first sight when she first met you at the pub. You’re the one she’s in love with, and it has nothing to do with your identity.”

“That’s right.”

Shaun felt relieved. Indeed, why was he overthinking? She had fallen for him ages ago.

5:00 p.m.

A black car looking modest in its appearance was parked outside the entrance of Hudson’s building.

Shortly afterward, Catherine got out of the car while the man in the driver’s seat took off his overcoat. He was seen wearing a white shirt beneath a vest, which accented his tall physique. With a strikingly handsome appearance, he walked out like a character from a comic book.

Even though she saw him every day, his attractive looks never failed to amaze her. Indeed, she would never grow tired of the man’s appearance.

When she learned about his identity that day, she was constantly conflicted. At that instant, however, she was sure that she could not bear to give up on the man.

He had always been the one who stayed by her side through her hardest times.

Today, he helped her weather the storm again.

No matter how arduous their journey ahead would be, she was insistent on being with him.

“Why are you staring at me?”

Shaun pinched the tip of her nose.

Catherine gazed at the watch on his wrist, which reminded her of how she used to criticize the random small brands of his watch and clothes. She was ashamed of her superficiality. It just dawned on her that those clothes were probably custom-made.

“I’m staring at your handsome face. Also, I’m in a good mood today. Did you see how embarrassed Jeffery and Rebecca were? Rebecca always feigned being pure and behaved hypocritically in the company back then. Now, everyone despises her.”

“Yeah.” After hearing her rattle on, Shaun raised his brows and asked, “Is there anything you want to ask me?”

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