Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 229

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 229
“Don’t, don’t.” At the thought of Shaun’s order yesterday, Willie immediately stopped Catherine. “He refused to let me tell you about it. Considering that I’ve shared my private videos with you, could you please pretend that you don’t know anything, Miss Jones?”

Despite having such a bold idea cross her mind, Catherine was still astounded to hear that from Willie.

Shaun was actually a member of the most brilliant Hill family. Since Willie was so respectful and afraid of Shaun, could it be that the two of them… were related?

She would never have thought of provoking the Hill family. The family was too complicated for an ordinary person like her to imagine.

“Alright, I promise, but can I know how Rebecca got to know you?” Catherine asked while forcing herself to calm down.

“It was Stephen who introduced her to me,” Willie sneered, “My assistant is related to the Campbell family. Stephen wanted to form a relationship with me, so he sent his girlfriend to me.”

The corners of Catherine’s mouth twitched. “You enjoy sleeping with other people’s girlfriends?”

Willie gave a light cough. “Well, a wife isn’t as good as a concubine. It’s most intriguing to sleep with someone else’s partner.”

Catherine was speechless.

She had an overwhelming urge to ask him whether he was the only pervert in the whole Hill family or if everyone else was the same.

After returning to the office, Catherine was in a state of bewilderment. She initially got married to Shaun on the assumption that he was Ethan’s uncle. Later, she realized that she was mistaken and thought that he was merely a lawyer. Who knew he was a legendary powerhouse?

Well, it did not come as a surprise to her. Instead, she found it stupefying.

If she got together with Shaun, she was doomed to have an extraordinary relationship with him. His family would probably not accept her.

All of a sudden, she felt weary. In order to stop herself from overthinking, she clicked open one of the videos Willie sent to her.

At first, she was just trying to get the goods on Rebecca to take revenge on her. Against her expectations, the video turned out to be so exciting that a young and immature woman like her flushed.

Upon noticing that she was absorbed in the video, Elle awkwardly reminded her, “Miss Jones, you said you weren’t going to watch it, didn’t you? What’s more, Young Master Hill won’t allow you to watch this kind of stuff.”

“Uh… He won’t know if both of us keep it a secret.”

Catherine gave an embarrassed smile. Since Shaun would not allow her to even look at Willie’s indecent photos, he would definitely skin her alive if he found out about this matter.

Elle was at a loss for words. She had no choice but to turn a blind eye to it.

As Catherine was watching the video, a wonderful idea struck her.

She quickly called the assistant to come in. “I remember Young Master Irvine mentioned that there’s an auction coming up.”

“Yes, it’s tonight. The organizer has invited you to the event. A lot of wealthy people in Melbourne are going to attend it.”

“Alright. I’m going too then.”

Catherine giggled. Today would be the darkest day in Rebecca’s life.


After walking out of Hudson, Willie was ready to pack his things and leave Melbourne.

Staying in the same city as Shaun frightened the life out of him.

As soon as he pushed open the office door, he saw a tall figure seated on a leather couch, looking like a king. His legs turned into jelly, and his lips kept quivering. “Bro-Brother Shaun, you came at the right time. I was about to tell you that I’ve just gone to Hudson and settled the matter. Nobody will dare to cause Catherine trouble anymore.”

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