Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 227

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 227
“Fond of you?” Willie’s reaction was as though he heard a joke. “You got into bed with me despite having a boyfriend. Do you think I’d give a d**n about you? You’re no different from the whores out there.”

A slap landed on her cheek, but this time, it seemed to have landed on her heart as well.

Rebecca nearly missed her footing.

There were quite a number of people around her, including employees and shareholders of Hudson. The situation had caused an uproar among them, and they looked at her with contempt.

“I didn’t expect her to be this kind of person. Before this, she gave me the impression of being pure and noble.”

“Yeah. A lot of men in the company treated her as a goddess.”

“Luckily, I didn’t introduce her to my son. She’s indeed shameless.”


Amid the constant humiliation, Rebecca’s face turned pale. She had put so much effort into building an enviable reputation before this, yet it was all destroyed at this point.

As her father, Jeffery shook with embarrassment. “You’ve gone too far, Young Master Hill. Rebecca is truly in love with you. She fell for you at first sight.”

Unexpectedly, Willie burst out laughing as if Jeffery’s remark was a joke. “What does she like about me? To be frank, having been with many women, I realize that she’s the loosest woman. Mr. Jones, I admire the way you treat your daughter as an object for the sake of wealth and power.”

With that, the remark changed the public’s perception of Rebecca and Jeffery once again. Catherine, who was just watching the incident unfold, was also astounded.

Little did she expect that Willie was a pervert. What shocked her most was that Rebecca could actually accept it.

Catherine gave a light cough and then smiled at Rebecca. “Sister, I can’t help but look at you in a different light now. Did you s****h Ethan away back then using the same kind of tactic?”

The question immediately reminded the public of Rebecca’s previous relationship with Ethan.

Everyone looked at Rebecca in utter disgust.

They even kept a distance from her, afraid that she would contaminate them.

A shiver ran the length of Rebecca’s whole body. She rolled her eyes straight away, pretending to faint in a fit of fury.

“Rebecca!” Jeffery promptly carried her and left the lounge room embarrassedly.

Willie frowned. He then turned his head around and looked at Catherine. “She had a boyfriend previously?”

“Yeah. They even got engaged. However, she immediately targeted someone else because her ex-boyfriend was poor.” Catherine cast a strange glance at him. “Were you assuming that you were the first man she slept with?”

Willie was at a loss for words.

Indeed, that was what he had assumed but he could not bring himself to reveal it.

Considering that he had helped her deal with Jeffery and Rebecca, Catherine kindly reminded him, “Some things can be altered in this world.”

“…Of course, I know this, hehe. Thank you for reminding me.”

With an embarrassed expression, Willie smiled reluctantly. “Have you stopped being mad at me, Miss Jones?”


In fact, Catherine was not clear about what was going on in his mind. She then said, “Can I have a few words with you, Young Master Hill?”

“Sure. No problem.”

Catherine walked out of the office with Willie going after her. His legs trembled after glancing at Elle who was beside him.

Elle looked at him with a smile. “Are you okay, Young Master Hill?”

“I… I’m okay. Well, you’re quite skilled.” Willie felt an atomic bomb going off in his head. Catherine was actually protected by the nimble Elle, who came from Liona.

Liona was the most mysterious underground organization under the Hill family. It included veterans from all over the world as well as members from martial arts families. At present, it was solely managed by Shaun.

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