Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 224

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 224

8:30 a.m.

In the meeting room, all the directors were ashen-faced and furious. At the mention of Catherine, they wished they could eat her up.

“Chris is to blame for this matter. If he hadn’t taken Catherine in, Hudson wouldn’t have offended the Hill family.”

“Is she out of her mind? How dare she beat Willie? The Hills are a prominent family, and we clearly can’t afford to provoke them.”

“I heard the person who offended Willie before this was a billionaire from Gold Coast. His family was bankrupt overnight.”

“Yeah. Willie is terrifying.”


Amid the directors’ discussion, Jeffery let out a long sigh. “It’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have allowed Rebecca to bring Willie along yesterday. But I heard Willie came here for an inspection, and I was hoping that Hudson could work with Hill Corporation.”

“True. If we could collaborate with Hill Corporation, it’d greatly benefit Hudson.”

“We were wrong. We should’ve made Jeffery the chairman.”

“I regret my decision too. I shouldn’t have voted for Catherine back then.”

Feeling helpless, Director Irvine said, “Now that things have turned out this way, we have no choice but to discharge her from her position as chairwoman for the sake of Hudson’s prospects. Perhaps Jeffery is the only one who can help us weather the storm this time. After all, his daughter has a close relationship with Willie.”

Jeffery humbly waved his hand. “I’m not sure if I can settle this. Having said that, Young Master Hill is very fond of Rebecca. He’ll bring her along wherever he goes. What do you think, Rebecca?”

Suppressing the pain from her wounds caused by Willie yesterday, Rebecca forced a sweet smile. “Young Master Hill is quite fond of me. He even told me a lot of stuff about the project.”

Everyone beamed with delight. Director Irvine said, “It’s a deal. Jeffery will be our new chairman.”

“Have I agreed with it?”

Catherine pushed open the door and barged in. A pair of clear, sharp eyes swept over all the directors. “To me, all of you are the directors of Hudson, who are also considered my elders. I did beat up Willie last night, but did any of you ask me why I did that?”

Everyone was stunned.

Catherine added furiously, “Last night, Willie locked me in the restroom and nearly ruined me. Rebecca stood outside to help him keep tabs on the situation outside. Due to their little scheme, I, as the chairwoman of Hudson, was almost ruined. Why? Because Willie is c***y and has absolutely no regard for us. He wasn’t just trying to humiliate me but also the entire Hudson.”

“That’s very unreasonable of Willie,” a director whispered.

“How dare Rebecca do such a thing?! That’s terrifying.”

“I didn’t.” Rebecca rose to her feet right away. “You were the one who wanted to seduce Young Master Hill, but he wasn’t interested in you. He can easily get any woman he wants. Why would he want to force himself on you?”

Jeffery said in a huff, “Even the reporters took pictures of you gripping Young Master Hill by his hand at the hotel’s entrance last night. By the way, Young Master Hill claimed that you stripped off his clothes.”

“How shameless!”

“It’s a great shame to have such a director in Hudson.”

Everyone looked at Catherine with disdain.

Director Irvine frowned. “Stop explaining. You’ve landed into deep trouble this time. We just want to protect Hudson. Since it was your mistake, you have to bear the responsibility. Honestly, you can no longer stay in the company anymore.”

The corners of Catherine’s mouth twitched with sarcasm while her eyes revealed a frosty look. “So are you planning to kick me out of the board of directors?”

Jeffery smiled coldly. “That’s the only thing we can do. You’d better pack and leave right now.”

Catherine dropped her eyes. She was utterly frustrated with the company.

At that moment, an employee ran in and shouted, “Oh no! Willie’s here! He’s now downstairs, and he wants to meet Chairwoman Jones.”

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