Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 222

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 222
Catherine was speechless.

She lowered her head without uttering a word.

“Go upstairs and sleep. Don’t overthink things since you’ve already taken such photos of him. The Hill family is most concerned about their dignity,” Shaun said what he did not actually mean to comfort her.

“Really?” Catherine was doubtful about it. “But I don’t think Willie is the sort who accepts unfavorable treatment just like that. I hit him so badly.”

“You don’t know how much more men care about their dignity as compared to women. You’re not a man, so you won’t understand. I bet he won’t have the audacity to look for you. You handled this matter very well,” Shaun bit the bullet and continued to explain perfunctorily.

He rarely complimented Catherine. Therefore, she was slightly dazed upon hearing his compliment.

Perhaps Shaun was right. She might not really understand men.

“Having said that, don’t strip off a man’s clothes anymore.” After a pause, Shaun warned her grimly, “Of course, except for me.”

Catherine was at a loss for words.

“Go and take a shower. I’ll help you with that.” Ignoring her speechless look, Shaun put his hand around her waist and carried her upstairs straight away.

“I don’t want to.”

Catherine screamed shyly. She had put her unease and fear behind her.

At night, it took Shaun a while before he could get her to sleep. After changing into a windbreaker, he drove the car and left his villa.

At midnight.

Willie returned to the hotel after getting his wounds bandaged in the hospital. In a fit of fury, he took out his phone to make a call. “By h**k or by crook, you guys must put Catherine through hell. Better still, sell her to the black market.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a loud bang on the door sounded.

“Who is that noisy person knocking at such a late hour? You have a death wish, huh?”

Willie ran toward the door to open it, only to be covered with a sack. All of a sudden, someone beat him up.

The person was brutal and ferocious. He kept kicking Willie’s body violently.

At that point, the sack was lifted. A tall and cool figure walked in.

The man was dressed in a black windbreaker. When his attractive features were outlined under the hazy lights in the room, Willie felt a chill and a sense of danger surrounding his body.

“Shaun… No, I mean Brother Shaun. Why… Why are you here?”

Willie could recognize him at first glance. The man was comparable to a devil. He was the only man in the entire Hill family whom Willie was afraid of.

“You’ve been working with Liam Hill lately but you didn’t know where I am?”

With his hands shoved in his pockets, Shaun walked in leisurely and stepped on Willie’s chest.

Willie shook with fear. “Brother Shaun, I don’t know what you’re saying. Yes, it’s Liam who has been managing Hill Corporation recently, but… But we’re all aware that your presence in the corporation is of paramount importance. In fact, you’re the boss of Hill Corporation.”

“Your bootlicking skills have leveled up. Is this what you do in front of Liam as well?”

Shaun kicked Willie’s chin mockingly using the tip of his shoe. “I still remember all the things your dad did. He assisted Liam in lowering my rank.”

“No, Brother Shaun. We’re all waiting for you.”

Willie was too frightened to make any noise.

“Waiting for me to come to Melbourne and inspect the industrial park?” A look of disdain washed over Shaun’s face. “Trying to change the core technologies when I’m not around, huh?”

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