Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 220

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 220
This was too infuriating.

“Let me go.” Catherine bit Willie violently.

Willie released his grip in pain and then laughed. “Sure enough, you’re feisty. That’s interesting. I like feisty women.”

“Are you crazy? After all, the Hill family is the most brilliant family in Melbourne. Why would a disgusting, scummy man like you exist in their family?” Catherine criticized.

“Go on criticizing me. The more severely you criticize me, the more misery I’ll inflict upon you.” Willie scoffed. “The directors of your company all treat me as a legend. Jeffery has requested me to assist him in gaining the chairman’s position tomorrow. I can easily say something and make you get lost. Having said that, I’ll reconsider it if you serve me well tonight.”

Struck by a thought, Catherine feigned panic and said, “Is this for real?”

“Of course.” Willie smirked, knowing that women were just scummy.

“You must help me, Young Master Hill,” Catherine pouted and said sympathetically, “I can do anything for you.”

“That’s great. You know what’s best for you. Come over here then.” Willie opened his arms.

Catherine threw herself into his arms. The refreshing fragrance of her body filled his nose. To him, her figure was much better than Rebecca’s.

Willie’s heart was burning. Just as he was about to hug her tightly, he was hit by a great force.

He bent over painfully. Catherine had taken the stun gun from her purse and attacked him.

Willie began shaking and could not move at all.

Catherine took off her high heels to hit them against his face and body. She beat him to the ground, and he ended up like a dead fish that could hardly move.

After beating Willie, Catherine was shocked to see his swollen face. She thought for a moment and realized that the situation was beyond mending at that point, so she stripped off his clothes as well.

“What are you planning to do?” Willie moaned painfully. He was always the one in power to strip off women’s clothes. He never thought there would be a day when his clothes would be stripped off by a woman.

His gaze revealed fierceness. He wished he could tear Catherine apart. However, he did not have the slightest strength to resist as he had gotten electrocuted.

Catherine totally threw caution to the wind. She took out her phone and snapped over ten photos of him from different angles. She threatened him in an abrasive manner, “If you dare cause me trouble regarding what happened today, I’m going to share these indecent photos of yours. Let’s see if the Hill family cares about their dignity.”

“You…” Willie was pissed off. Over the past 20 years of his life, not a single woman had the audacity to treat him this way. “Great! I’ll remember you, Catherine.”

“I’ll remember you as well. It’s my first time seeing such an ugly body. How disgusting and scummy.”

Catherine gave him the middle finger and tossed his phone out of the window. After that, she made her escape through the window.

Willie lay on the cold floor of the female restroom naked. Even after spending a long time asking for help in a weak voice, nobody came to save him.

Only after half an hour had passed that he began to regain some energy. He trembled while getting up and kicked open the door forcefully.

After hearing some noise, Rebecca carefully ran toward the door and opened it.

The minute she caught sight of Willie’s injured face, she screamed in shock. “Why are you…”

“Shut up, you dumb*ss!” Willie slapped Rebecca in the face and kicked her a few times with dissatisfaction. “I was calling you just now. Were you deaf?”

“Stop hitting me. I didn’t know. I was afraid to bother you, and I was standing quite far away… Boo-hoo!”

Rebecca fell to her knees and begged him. The man was indeed terrifying.

“Get lost, you useless thing!” Willie began to wobble again. In a fit of rage, he roared, “Catherine, if I fail to kill you, I’ll eat my hat.”

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