Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 219

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 219
8:00 p.m.

The grand anniversary celebration officially began.

Catherine was supposed to be the focus of the event. However, all the guests surrounded Willie, Jeffery, and Rebecca instead.

In the magnates’ eyes, the Hill family was regarded as legendary.

Although Willie was not a direct descendant of the Hill family, his presence in Melbourne was powerful enough to get trouble brewing.

Chris walked toward Catherine. “How did Jeffery manage to worm a connection with Willie?”

“I presume that Rebecca slept with him.” Catherine made a reasonable guess. She could already see Willie’s nasty character through the brief encounter she had with him at the entrance just now.

A look of contempt washed over Chris’ face. “Your grandparents have a reputation of nobility and integrity, yet a shameless descendant like her is a disgrace.”

Catherine’s head hurt. Originally, she was more than likely to succeed, but Willie’s appearance had captured the attention of the company’s directors and top management.

At this moment, Director Irvine and Director Levy approached her. “Catherine, you were supposed to be the first to give a speech on stage tonight. But after discussing with the other directors, we decided to let Young Master Hill do it first, followed by Jeffery—”

“Are you guys senile?” Chris flew into a temper. “Willie doesn’t even work for our company. You need to know that tonight is Hudson’s anniversary celebration. Also, why is Jeffery going on stage before the chairwoman? This is unreasonable.”

Director Irvine replied embarrassedly, “Just look who Young Master Hill is. The fact that he showed up at Hudson’s anniversary celebration indicates that he thinks highly of us. What’s more, he’s willing to go on stage to give a speech, which is our great honor. Our company’s stock price is going to increase tomorrow. As for Jeffery, it was Young Master Hill who requested him to speak. He has a close relationship with him. You can’t blame me for this.”

Catherine’s face turned slightly somber. “What if I disagree?”

“No way,” Director Levy answered in a forthright manner, “All of us came to this decision for the sake of the company. You just have to agree with it.”

Catherine scoffed. “If Willie decides to let Jeffery become the chairman, are you guys fine with it too? Was it actually Sheryl or the Hills who set up Hudson?”

“We’re doing this for the sake of the company’s prospects,” Director Levy said in annoyance, “Considering the Hill family’s status, one who’s related to them is simply worth hundreds of billions of dollars.”

Director Irvine nodded in agreement as well.

At 8:30 p.m., Willie went on stage and gave a speech, followed by Jeffery…

At 9:00 p.m., Catherine stood in the restroom applying rouge lipstick on her exquisite lips, which gave her a touch of mystery.

Rebecca then came in. With a smug smile, she said, “You probably didn’t expect that you might soon lose your position as chairwoman which you’ve just gained, right?”

“You’re still the same, aren’t you?”

Catherine turned her head around and met Rebecca’s eyes. “First, it was Ethan, followed by Stephen and now Willie. How many more men have you actually slept with before this? Are you Jeffery’s daughter, a social butterfly, or a female PR specialist on his behalf?”

Such a brief statement touched Rebecca’s nerve all of a sudden and subsequently made her blood boil. “Stop being complacent. It’s my honor to be able to sleep with Young Master Hill. Now I’m offering you this chance.” 

As soon as she finished speaking, Willie walked into the restroom in a trim suit.

“Young Master Hill, I’ll help you keep watch outside.” Rebecca closed the door of the restroom immediately after she spoke.

“What are you trying to do?” Catherine tried to run out, but Willie clutched her arm.

With a door between them, she heard the sound of the door being locked.

A wave of frustration swept over Catherine. She had not brought Elle along for the celebration tonight as she would never have expected such an incident to happen during an internal event of the company.

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