Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 217

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 217
“Young Master Hill, I’d like to partner with you for the project, but I’ve just been let go from my job in Hudson.” Looking dejected, Rebecca gave a bitter smile. “My dad’s and my positions are at stake…”

“I can solve anything for you as long as you do your part well in keeping me company.” A smile flashed across Willie’s face. “All the women around me have never failed to receive favorable treatment from me.”

“In that case, I’ll definitely treat you well.” With grim determination, she kissed him on her own accord.

Shortly afterward, Rebecca’s howls sounded from the room once again.

Weeping bitterly, she thought deep down, ‘Catherine, I’m suffering so much now. I’ll certainly pay you back with interest in the future!’

The year was drawing to a close.

Hudson’s anniversary was celebrated in a seven-star hotel.

Not only did Hudson invite a few well-known celebrities for the night, but quite a number of business powerhouses had also shown up.

7:00 p.m.

As the newly-appointed chairwoman, Catherine slowly traveled to the hotel in a Bentley.

When the door of the car was opened, she was seen wearing a long black vintage-style dress and holding a vintage studded purse. It was usually difficult to stand out when dressed in black. However, she remained gorgeous and elegant with her pretty, exquisite face and red lipstick that resembled a blooming rose.

The journalists began to take out their cameras to snap photos of her.

With her position and identity, she could be considered the youngest and prettiest female president in Melbourne.

Catherine struck a pose. Shortly afterward, a scream suddenly sounded beside her.

“Hurry up and look! Isn’t this the limited-edition Bugatti Veyron L’Or Blanc?”

“I heard it’s made of titanium alloy. It costs over 50 million dollars.”

“Look at the license plate. It’s f*cking awesome.”

“That’s amazing. Who on earth is that? Is he here to attend Hudson’s anniversary celebration?”

“Look! The door is opening.”

Surrounded by the onlookers’ voices, a man dressed in a dark blue suit got out of the driver’s seat. His features were pronounced, and a devilish smirk was visible on his face.

There were screams coming from the reporters in the crowd.

“He’s so handsome!”

“I know who he is. He’s Willie from the Hill family.”

“The Hill family? The most brilliant family in Melbourne?”

“Yeah. It’s that Hill family!”

“My God. Hudson actually knows the Hills!”


Amid the public’s discussion, the passenger door was opened. Dressed in a red gown, Rebecca walked out of the car alluringly while hooking her arm through Willie’s.

A buzz was heard from the crowd again.

“Who’s she?”

“Rebecca, the daughter of Jeffery who’s the director of Hudson.”

“D**n. She’s actually in a relationship with Willie. She’s trying to turn from a peasant into a princess, huh?”

“Now that she’s related to the Hill family, the Harrison family will need to treat her courteously.”

Those words made Rebecca increasingly complacent. It was worth ingratiating herself with Willie like a slave the past few days.

When she averted her eyes, she happened to catch sight of Catherine who was in front of her.

Curling her red lips, Rebecca immediately held Willie and walked toward Catherine. “Hi, Catherine. Willie, this is my sister, who’s also a director in Hudson.”

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