Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 216

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 216
After the crowd left, Janet said to Stephen in a huff, “Are you out of your mind? Why didn’t you introduce me to Willie? I’d definitely be able to benefit our family if I became the young mistress of the Hill family.”

“Willie isn’t interested in you,” Stephen replied coldly while lighting a cigarette.

Janet flew into a rage. “What do you mean? In your eyes, I’m not as good-looking as Rebecca, huh? At least I didn’t grow up in a rural area—”

“I’m doing this for your good. Willie has the filthy habit of sleeping with someone’s girlfriend or wife.”

Janet was dumbfounded.

Stephen added, “You’re my biological sister. If there’s an easy path to great success, I’d certainly offer it to you first. However, Willie is a pervert. He has even killed a woman.”

“Are you sure?” Janet shuddered.

“It’s absolutely true. If it wasn’t for our relative who works as his assistant, I wouldn’t have known about it.” Stephen slowly rose to his feet. “Otherwise, why would you think that I offered Rebecca such a great opportunity? She’s not decent either.

“But don’t worry. Willie will be grateful that I gave him the chance to get close to Rebecca. In that case, our family will get to become the most brilliant family in Melbourne.”

In an instant, Janet became quiet.

The next morning.

When Rebecca regained consciousness, she shuddered at the sight of the man beside her who was awake.

With everything that had happened last night flashing across her mind, it felt as if she went to hell once again.

The man was terrifying, indeed. He was actually an abuser.

At that point, she was badly scarred as a result of being whipped.

“You’re awake.”

When Willie turned his head around and glanced at Rebecca, a shiver ran the length of her whole body. “Don’t…”

“Why? Are you not satisfied with me?” Willie lit a cigarette, his eyes flashing with hostility.

“No.” Rebecca turned pale. Since she had slept with him, she thought that she should not have to suffer for nothing. She gritted her teeth and feigned being shy. She added, “It’s my pleasure to be able to sleep with you, Young Master Hill.”

“It’s good that you know it.” Willie smoked, looking content. “Was it your first time doing it last night?”

Rebecca was stunned. She recalled that she had deliberately undergone plastic surgery in order to please Stephen before this. Little did she expect that she would suddenly sleep with Willie last night. Apparently, Willie had misunderstood it.


“I didn’t expect it.” Willie touched her chin. “Aren’t you afraid that Stephen will mind?”

“As I said, it’s my honor to be able to sleep with you for a night considering your noble status,” Rebecca responded with intimidation.

Upon hearing that, Willie burst out laughing. “Interesting. I quite like you. I’ll be in Melbourne for some time, and you’ll accompany me throughout my time here.”

“Alright.” Rebecca forced a smile. “I wonder what project in Melbourne that you’re going to inspect?”

“Oh. A tech company under the Hill family would like to invest in an industrial park. I came to have a look at it.”

Rebecca asked cautiously, “How much are you going to invest?”

“Probably hundreds of billions of dollars. There’s no limit to the amount,” Willie answered casually.

Rebecca’s spirits soared. If Hudson could work on this project, Jeffery’s and her status would be elevated.

“Young Master Hill, I’m guessing you’d want to work with a local company on such a large project…”

“Hudson is interested to take part in it, huh?” Willie gave a discreet smile.

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