Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 215

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 215
Shaun’s breathing hitched, and he raised his attractive brows a little. “So you’re trying to get me to forget about this matter this way, huh? Do you know that it’s my first time stepping into KFC tonight to have a meal there?”

Catherine felt that he was flirting with her. Sometimes, women were just easily moved. Once she noticed that Shaun was doing something small for her, she would be filled with sweetness as if she had consumed honey.

“What about this? Will you be satisfied?” She bit her pink lip. Then, she put her hands around his neck with a flushed face and gave him another kiss.

This time, Shaun held her head and gave her a long kiss. Only when she began puffing did he let her go.

In a luxurious private room.

Stephen and Janet tried to please the handsome man seated at the center of the couch.

That man was Willie who had come from Canberra.

The Hill family was the most brilliant family in Melbourne. Even an extended member of the Hill family would be hugely admired in the country.

“Young Master Hill, let me introduce you to my girlfriend, Rebecca.”

Stephen had come with Rebecca. “Her dad, who’s a large shareholder in Hudson, has brought you something tonight.”

That night, Rebecca wore a long, light-colored dress that emphasized her exquisite curves. Although she was not as beautiful as Catherine, the Jones family was considered one of the top families in Melbourne with good genes.

She had put on light makeup that night. When she smiled gently, a hint of purity emanated from her.

Willie’s eyes flashed with grimness.

Rebecca understood men very well. If she could marry into the Hill family, she would not be interested in people like Stephen anymore.

She gave a flirtatious smile. “Young Master Hill, my family would like to give you this jade. The historical stone hails from the nephrite jade mine in Cowell. It has been passed down since centuries.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she opened the box. Willie’s eyes glowed. “This stone is worth over a billion dollars, isn’t it?”

“It’s not a huge amount as long as you like it,” Catherine replied while trying to ingratiate with him.

“Haha. You have such a sweet tongue. I like it.” Willie rubbed the jade against the top of her nose. It was unclear whether he meant that he liked the jade or Rebecca.

All of a sudden, silence fell on the private room. Everyone’s eyes were fixed on Stephen.

Stephen smiled calmly.

Rebecca was then seated beside Willie for the rest of the night. She sang and chatted with him. As she was good at capturing men’s hearts, she soon made him laugh heartily.

During this time, she headed to the restroom once. The minute she stepped out of the restroom, she saw Stephen waiting outside.

“Thank you for tonight, Stephen. I hope Young Master Hill can help my family regain the position of Hudson’s chairman.” Rebecca smiled while hooking her arm through Stephen’s. She would not get rid of Stephen immediately after Willie began to treat her differently. She was not a fool.

“Hopefully it helps.” Stephen smiled mirthlessly. “Young Master Hill and you—”

Rebecca immediately said, “Don’t get me wrong. Ultimately, you’re still the one I’m in love with. Just now, Young Master Hill didn’t want to let me go—”

“I understand. I won’t be upset about it.” Stephen patted her on the back of her hand. “It’s only when your family has settled this matter that both of our families can progress further and achieve better things.”

“It’s good that you understand.” Rebecca felt a tinge of coldness, but she was soon at ease. After all, she only got together with Stephen for the sake of benefits.

“What matters most for now is to please Young Master Hill.” Stephen ran his fingers through her hair. “I’ll wait for you.”


Rebecca then sat by Willie’s side again.

This time, Willie put his hand around her waist.

At 11:00 p.m., Willie was rather drunk. Stephen asked Rebecca to take him upstairs to rest.

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