Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 212

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 212
“It’s quite easy to regain power,” Stephen said all of a sudden.

Struck by the comment, Jeffery and his family stared at him intently.

“Stephen, tell us quickly. We’re family,” Rebecca immediately said, “Once Catherine steps down, I’ll marry you.”

Stephen narrowed his eyes. “Willie Hill from the Hill family is coming to Melbourne for inspection. As long as you can please him, Hudson’s top management and directors will take your side.”

All of their eyes sparkled.

Jeffery shuddered in agitation. “The Hill family is the most brilliant family in the whole of Melbourne. Even though Willie isn’t a direct descendant of the Hill family, we’ll be able to increase our status as long as we become acquainted with the Hills. In that case, we won’t be troubled by Catherine anymore.”

“Sounds good.” Stephen nodded. “Since Willie’s assistant is related to my family, I’ll serve him during the occasion and introduce you guys to him. Having said that, you guys need to prepare a gift to ingratiate with the Hill family. Willie is obsessed with jade.”

“Thank you, Stephen. I regretted not having met you earlier. You’re the one I can actually rely on.” Rebecca gazed at him, feeling touched.

Stephen tried to conceal his disgust for her. “It’s my duty.”


6:30 p.m.

Just as Catherine turned off the lights and walked out of the office, Director Irvine’s son greeted her enthusiastically.

“Catherine, you’re getting off work. I’d like to treat you to a meal. I know a western restaurant that serves great food…”

Catherine was at her wits’ end. Ever since she began to regain power in the company, all the directors attempted to flatter her by introducing their grandsons and sons to her as her potential partners.

“That’s okay. I’m planning to have dinner at home…”

“Let me send you home, then.” Young Master Levy offered eagerly. “Your handbag seems heavy. Let me carry it for you.”

Before he could touch it, Elle clutched his hand. The woman’s eyes swept over him coldly, which made him shudder. Young Master Irvine had heard that Catherine’s bodyguard was ferocious and particularly skilled at slapping people.

“If you do it one more time, I won’t hesitate to break your hand,” Elle warned him icily.

Young Master Levy shrank back embarrassedly. “Do you know who I am? Fine. I’m not going to lower myself to your level.”

At that moment, the elevator happened to arrive. He then quickly went after her. “Catherine, have you heard of the Queen’s necklace? Rumor has it that five to six decades ago, a king gave his beloved queen a necklace in Country F. Anyone who wears the necklace will achieve happiness in their relationship. The necklace will soon be up for auction in Melbourne. I’m going to buy it for you, okay?”

“No, thank you. I’m not interested.”

Young Master Irvine resembled a sticky candy that was hard to get rid of.

As soon as Catherine walked out of the building, she spotted a familiar figure standing in the square. She was filled with a mixture of surprise and delight.

The neon lights gradually lit up at night. Shaun, who stood beside the fountain, was dressed in a black suit and an apricot-colored overcoat as if he had just participated in Paris Fashion Week. He looked elegant, and his features were indeed attractive.

However, his dark eyes flashed with grimness the minute he caught sight of the man who went after Catherine.

“Shaunny, why are you here?” Catherine did not notice Shaun’s expression. She ran toward him and wrapped her hands around his arm pleasantly.

The grimness within his eyes slowly faded. He gave Young Master Irvine an impassive stare. “It looks like I came at the wrong time.”

“Who is he, Catherine?” Young Master Irvine was annoyed at Shaun. While both of them wore overcoats, the way Shaun was dressed made him seem like a countryman.

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