Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 210

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 210
“It doesn’t matter as long as she likes it. By the way, Rebecca Jones is in prison. Make sure to treat her well.”

Shaun’s eyes flashed with cold intent.

All the suffering Rebecca had caused Catherine would be returned to her in prison.

The next day, word of Hudson’s general manager’s affair spread throughout the whole network.

Larry Chaplin was furious. His reputation was completely destroyed.

The photos of him making out with his mistress in public were all over the place, and even the video of him beating his wife was circulated.

Tens of thousands of comments on the internet were criticizing him every day.

In the chairwoman’s office, General Manager Chaplin barged in angrily and pointed at Catherine’s nose. “Did you do this? You spread the video in the meeting room, didn’t you?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Catherine sat in her chair with a regretful expression. “General Manager Chaplin, I never expected you to be such a man. You’ve disappointed us too much. You’ve even ruined the reputation of the company.”

“How dare you have the nerve to say that, you b*tch?! Don’t think that I don’t know you were behind this. Do you think I’m easy to mess with?”

Larry Chaplin strode toward Catherine and was about to lift his foot to kick her, but Elle rushed over and shoved him onto the desk.

“You b*tch, let go of me!” Larry yelled uncontrollably.

Catherine dialed the intercom to call security in. “Hurry up and take him out. I think General Manager Chaplin’s mood isn’t good right now, so I’ll leave the company affairs to Deputy Manager Wolfe.”

“Catherine Jones, just you wait! How dare you make me a figurehead? Dream on!”

After Larry was dragged away, Deputy Manager Wolfe hurriedly came in.

Facing Catherine’s pretty young face again, he suddenly felt fear in his heart. The executives really had not taken her seriously before, but it had only been a day and General Manager Chaplin’s reputation was completely ruined.

No one had any evidence, but they were all sure that Catherine played a large part in it.

“Deputy Manager Wolfe, you’re a capable and competent person, but you’re always being suppressed by General Manager Chaplin. You must have felt uncomfortable, right?”

Catherine personally got up and poured him a cup of tea.

Deputy Manager Wolfe was startled and quickly accepted the tea. “But General Manager Chaplin has been in power for more than ten years. Many people in the company obey his orders, and many directors like him too.”

Catherine went straight to the point. “I’ll give you a week’s time. Decide whether you want to soar in the sky or stay under Larry Chaplin as his mule for the rest of your life.”

Deputy Manager Wolfe’s heart trembled violently.

At that moment, Kacey rushed in from outside. “Chairman, General Manager Chaplin was beaten by a group of older women the moment he walked out of the company’s gates. They’re people who hate all men who cheat. They beat him up until his legs broke and his head was bleeding. He’s being sent to the hospital now.”

Deputy Manager Wolfe suddenly looked up and saw Catherine’s expressionless face. His legs shivered in fright.

“I’ll do it. I know Larry Chaplin very well. I can take control of the company in a week. I work for you, Ms. Chairwoman,” he said loudly.

“Very good, I believe you. I’ll make it so that General Manager Chaplin no longer has a place in this company.”

Catherine’s body exuded a cold aura.

At the side, Elle glanced at her and noticed that Catherine’s aura was becoming more and more similar to Shaun’s when he was working.

After Deputy Manager Wolfe left, Catherine slumped on the sofa exhaustedly and said with pale lips, “I was the one who had Larry Chaplin beaten up. Elle, do you think I’m terrible?”

“No,” Elle responded simply, “If you’re not ruthless, how will you suppress those wolves below?”

“Yes, I need to have complete control over Hudson. I have to avenge my grandmother.”

Catherine clenched her fists. She had to avenge her mother too.

The burden on her was too heavy for her to be merciful anymore.

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