Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 208

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 208
“Let’s continue the meeting. What were you guys talking about?” Catherine interrupted him and looked at the crowd expressionlessly.

“We were talking about the design for the developmental project. Manager Jones came up with some designs. General Manager Chaplin and the rest of us feel that they’re quite good.” Deputy Manager Wolfe handed over the designs awkwardly.

Rebecca’s heart thumped. She never thought that Catherine would appear. Catherine would definitely recognize the designs.

However, it did not matter. Even if Catherine said that Rebecca stole the designs, no one would believe her. Instead, it would only provoke the executives into ridiculing her.

Catherine took the designs and then whispered a few words to Elle.

After Elle nodded and walked out, Catherine continued, “The designs are good. They were even printed at 1:00 a.m. this morning. Manager Jones, you must’ve stayed up late designing these.”

“Yes, Manager Jones said she hadn’t slept in several days.”

“Manager Jones works too hard.”

The meeting room resounded with compliments. Rebecca was very proud of herself. She had printed them that late on purpose. “Chairwoman Jones, what do you think of my designs?”

“The designs are very good. It just so happens that I lost an identical design draft half a month ago.” Catherine suddenly twisted her words.

Everyone was stunned, but Rebecca was not anxious. Instead, she pretended to be flustered and covered her mouth. “You don’t mean to imply that I copied you, right?”

“Chairwoman Jones, are you jealous of Manager Jones’ talent?” Larry sneered grimly. “Everyone knows that you sisters don’t get along, but there’s no need to involve the company in your competition.”

For a moment, everyone looked at Catherine with disdain. She was too petty to be a chairwoman.

“I knew you guys wouldn’t believe me.” Catherine breathed a sigh of relief. “Fortunately, I already reported it to the police ten days ago. My original design data at that time has been handed over to the police as well. They have a case record of it, so it’ll be clear when we check it.”

Rebecca panicked and quickly pretended to cry. “I’m just a measly manager. Chairwoman Jones, do you have to target me like this? I finished the designs a long time ago and simply printed them out late.”

Her soft look made many executives think that Catherine was deliberately targeting her.

Catherine took out a design draft and asked, “You’re saying that I’m framing you? Okay. Since this was designed by you, you should know the type and orientation of the house. How many floors does it have? How many blocks? How large is it?”

Rebecca was dumbfounded and only responded vaguely after a long time, “There are six blocks, and they sit south while facing north…”

Immediately after she finished speaking, a few executives frowned.

Catherine then asked, “Why do you need a big cabinet in the middle here?”

“…For bigger storage space.”

Catherine snickered. “It’s because there’s a big pillar in the middle that can’t be knocked away, so I chose to put a cabinet there. In addition, it’s a two story-apartment that’s 128.7 square meters. It sits in the east, facing the west.”

Rebecca’s face went pale immediately.

Catherine narrowed her eyes. “You claim that you designed these, but you don’t know anything about the house data. You’re the manager for the project, yet you don’t know anything about the room type. Are you still confused about how many buildings are being built in the project?”


Rebecca could not refute a word because she really had not studied it.

The group of executives shook their heads one after another, all severely disappointed.

At that exact moment, Elle walked in with a few police officers.

One of them handcuffed Rebecca’s hands. “Ms. Jones, we received a report that you’ve plagiarized someone else’s work. Please come with us to the station to be investigated.”

“No, I don’t want to! I didn’t do it!” Rebecca screamed in panic.

“Stop screaming. Let’s go.” The two policemen yanked her up and dragged her out impatiently.

“I’m being framed! I didn’t plagiarize. I didn’t!”

As her screams faded away, Catherine swept her gaze around the conference room before it finally landed on Larry. “General Manager Chaplin, I heard that you were the one who appointed Rebecca Jones. I really doubt your vision and ability to lead the company.”

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