Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 207

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 207
“Catherine Jones, you’re insane!” Rebecca screamed and subconsciously rushed to counterattack.

Elle then gave another slap to the other side of her face, causing Rebecca to be unable to say anything from the pain.

She glared viciously at Catherine but did not dare to step forward again.

Catherine grinned. “I can even hit Jeffery, much less you. If you don’t watch your words next time, I’ll beat you until you learn your lesson.”

Then, she pushed Rebecca to the side and walked away while smiling.

Rebecca held her cheeks, hatred burning in her eyes.

‘Catherine Jones, just wait and see. I’ll kill you personally one day.’

3:00 p.m.

On the 17th floor of the building, a meeting was being held.

The general manager, Larry Chaplin, sat at the head of the table, followed by the senior management of Hudson.

Deputy Manager Wolfe said, “General Manager Chaplin, Chairwoman Jones just took over the position. Is it really okay not to call her over for the first weekly meeting?”

“Who does she think she is?” Larry said contemptuously, “She’s just a silly little girl who doesn’t know sh*t. Alright, let’s start the meeting. Manager Jones, has the decoration company for the property development project been finalized?”

Rebecca put on a mask while enduring the pain on her face. “Not yet. The prices offered by those companies are too high. I’m thinking that we can ask the construction team to handle it ourselves. I recently drafted a design for everyone to see.”

Then, she handed the thick stack of designs over.

The executives were full of praise.

“These designs are very creative. They’re high-end and reserved, but not overly luxurious. They’re very tasteful.”

“Did you design them yourself, Manager Jones? You’re amazing.”

“It’s much better than the room designed in the previous development project.”


Rebecca pretended to be modest and said, “The quotation sheet is also in there. I calculated it, and it’s more than ten million cheaper than if we hire a decoration company.”

Larry was full of praise. “Manager Jones, you’ve done a great job. These designs must have taken a lot of effort.”

“I haven’t slept for several nights, but I’m very happy to contribute to the company…”

Before Rebecca could finish, the meeting room door was pushed open. Catherine came in from outside with some other people.

“Is everyone in a meeting? No one even gave me a heads-up for such a big event.”

Catherine swaggered in front of Larry Chaplin.

Larry did not move. His face was smiling, but his gaze was contemptuous. “Chairwoman Jones, you’re much younger than me. Even if I told you, there are some things you might not understand, so I didn’t call you.”

After he spoke, the meeting room was eerily quiet.

Everyone waited to watch the drama unfold when Catherine would lose her temper, but her pretty face simply revealed a calm smile. “General Manager Chaplin, I’ve stood here for a long time now. When are you going to make way? Have you become unable to tell who’s in charge of the company after sitting around for too long?”

She was clearly laughing, but the chill in her eyes shone brightly.

Larry was immediately embarrassed.

Catherine turned to Elle and Kacey. “It looks like General Manager Chaplin really doesn’t remember. Please drag him away.”

Before Larry could react, he was dragged to the ground by Elle with one hand.

He became furious. “You…”

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