Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2003

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2003

Eliza had already turned into a devil. All she wanted to do was take revenge, and nobody could stop her.

The next day, when Eliza headed to the hospital, she only brought her chauffeur and bodyguard along.

She was wearing a pair of shades and a cap. While she was having an IV infusion quietly in the emergency room, Chester entered in a white coat and a stethoscope around his neck.

“Are you feeling better?” Chester naturally extended his hand to touch her forehead.

Eliza subconsciously dodged his hand, leaving it stiffening in the air. Even so, he did not get angry but smiled. “I’m just checking your temperature as a doctor. You don’t have to be nervous.”

“Dr. Jewell, if I’m not mistaken, you’ re a leading doctor from the department of internal medicine.” Eliza looked up and reminded him. However, her shades prevented the emotions in her eyes from being seen.

“Don’t say that. This hospital is mine, so I have the right to care for all the patients here.” Chester suddenly grabbed her hand and checked her pulse rate.

Eliza looked down in surprise. “Are you checking m y pulse rate?”

“Yes. Your body is too frail.” Chester gave a discreet smile. “Is it because you haven’t been sleeping well? You usually have quite irregular periods, and you always stay up late too.”

“I’m going to prescribe some medicine for you to take for a week. Take one dose every day to nurse your health.” Chester frowned. “You may be young now, but your body might not be able to support you when you’re older. If you fall sick then, it’ll  take ten days to one month to recover.”

“I do need to take care of my health. After all, I’m the goose that lays the golden eggs for your company. If I’m sick for a long time, it’ll affect your company’s earnings, ” Eliza said perfunctorily.

“I’m not bothered about the meager earnings.” Chester suddenly snorted. “Eliza, as a woman, why do you want to live such a tiring life? I really don’t care about that small amount of money.”

Eliza fell silent. With her shades covering half of her face, she gave nothing away. Only her pinkish lips were visible.

Chester still remembered the indescribable feeling of the kiss yesterday, which seemed to have brought him back to when he first kissed Charity. He was even savoring the aftertaste when he got home last night.

His rationality and instinct conflicted.

His rationality told him that he should not be deeply involved with Eliza because of Charity.

Nevertheless, his instinct told him that all of him wanted her.

He believed that he might be a little abnormal just because he had not gotten her.

“Eliza, what do you want? I can give you anything.” Chester reached out to take off her shades.

Eliza shunned his hand away and suddenly  asked,  “ I saw Rodney yesterday. Is  Sarah in this hospital too? Freya said she injured Sarah’s hands.”

“Mm.” At the mention of this issue, Chester’s tone became rather cold. It was as if he was averse to it.

Eliza lifted her head. “The day before yesterday, Freya said Sarah admitted killing Jennifer in front of her. Sarah even threw Jennifer’s ashes into the drain.”

“Does Freya have any incriminating evidence?” Chester asked all of a sudden.

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