Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2002

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2002

Skyler turned her gaze to where Eliza was looking, only to find a bunch of people walking in and out the door. “Lizzie, what are you looking at?”

“ I’m looking at how well this hospital is doing. ” Eliza averted her eyes.

Skyler said with a smile, “All the hospitals are doing well. What’s more, the Jewell family hospital has the best medical skills in Australia.”

“I’ll come over tomorrow for IV infusion, ” Eliza said, “The doctor said I should have an infusion for three days straight, right?”

Skyler was taken aback as Eliza was known for going against the doctor’s instructions. This time,

she was probably rather obedient because she was in poor health. “Actually, you can get a family doctor over to your house to perform an IV infusion. After all, you’re a public figure…”

“ It doesn’t matter. I feel more at ease having it in the hospital. ” As Eliza was speaking, she made her way to the door. “You must be exhausted from the past two days. I’ll ask my bodyguard to accompany me to deal with other matters. You can carry on with your work, and there’s no need for you to accompany me home later.”

Once Eliza got home, she took her coat off and lay on the couch.

The chauffeur came in and closed the door. Then, he carefully put the fruit baskets on the overhead table.

Eliza took out a box of cigarettes below the table in front of him. The minute she held the cigarette between two of her fingers, she exuded a sense of coldness. Then, she lit the cigarette and took a deep drag like a junkie.

Only those who knew her well would understand that this was her only way of venting her feelings when she felt most miserable.

After two solid minutes of silence, she said, “ Sarah will probably be in the burn unit for the next two days. Now that Shaun’s memory has mostly recovered, Rodney trusts Sarah even more. I guess Rodney will consider sending Sarah abroad once her wound gets better.”

The chauffeur said, “ Sarah will probably try finding a way of staying here.”

“Perhaps she has already found a way.” Eliza’s lower lip suddenly twitched.

A puzzled look washed over the chauffeur’s face.

Eliza softly exhaled some smoke from his mouth, making her appear hazy. “Didn’t someone spot Rodney sleeping at Sarah’s place when he was drunk? To Sarah, the fastest way of gaining a foothold here is to get pregnant. I’m sure she has plotted something. Furthermore, her hypnotic skills are very powerful. Hypnotizing a man to sleep with her is an easy task for her.”

The chauffeur was so shocked that his jaw dropped. On second thought, it was difficult to prevent anything from happening when a man and a woman were together in a room the entire night.

“That’s why Sarah doesn’t mind being sent abroad. Once she’s pregnant, Rodney will eventually ask her to return.”

Eliza laughed. She was the one who grew up with Sarah, so she knew her well enough. “But I can’t make a move only after she’s back. After all, she’ll be pregnant with Rodney’s child. By then, the Snowden members will keep a closer watch of me, and I won’t have the chance to do it.”

The chauffeur furrowed his brows nervously. “ These are just your assumptions. Moreover, Miss Jones and Young Master Hill will probably do something about it…”

“Yeah. Sarah has too many enemies, but what to do? I want to kill her myself.” Eliza said grimly,  “ Plus, I won’t kill her in one go. I’ll torture her little by little. I want her to experience the worst feeling in the world and suffer a living hell.”

The chauffeur fixed his eyes on her amid the smoke. Seemingly, the exquisite, perfect celebrity he used to see on TV had transformed into a different person.

This look of hers was quite familiar to him. It was similar to when she caught Thomas and tortured him every day— no, it was much crazier than that.

After a long time, the chauffeur said, “You were the one who granted me life. If it hadn’t been for you, I wouldn’t have come this far. I’m ready to sacrifice for you anytime. However, the hospital is filled with people. I’m worried they’ll find out that it’s your doing…”

“It’s fine. If they do, I’ll take full responsibility for it. You can leave.” Eliza’s tone was dull, yet it conveyed a sense of hellish madness.

No one knew that Eliza had stepped into hell the moment Freya told her the truth yesterday.

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