Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2001

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2001

“ I missed her face. What a shame, ” Freya teased.

“You…” Rodney’s eyes burst with anger. “Are you a human? Where’s your conscience? If you weren’t my wife, I would’ve called the police on you. Also, Sarah keeps telling me not to look into the issue. All she wants is to keep the peace, yet you can’t even let her off.”

“In that case, I have to thank you for not having me arrested.” Freya laughed. At that moment, her hatred for Rodney intensified.

No matter how protective he was of Sarah back then, Freya would not hate him because it was his choice to love Sarah. However, he should not use his love for Sarah against her.

Annoyed, Rodney undid the button on his shirt in front of his chest. “You don’t have to tease me. Ask yourself whether it was right to do what you did yesterday. You almost killed Sarah and ruined her entire life. Not only doesn’t she hate you, but she’s not calling the police either. Why can’t you learn to be generous? Come with me and apologize to Sarah to beg for her forgiveness now.”

With that, he reached out to grab Freya’s hand.

However, Freya acted faster by slapping him on the face while glaring at him resentfully. “You want me to come with you and apologize to her? Dream on. Even if she’s dead, I’ll trample all over her tomb in the middle of the night.”

With that, she dragged Catherine away with him. “ Cathy, let’s go.”

She was worried that she would attack Rodney if she looked at him again.

Even so, Rodney refused to let her go. He stretched out his hands to stop the two of them. Then, he lowered his head and looked at Catherine. “I just want to know if Shaun’s memory has recovered. ”

Needless to say, Catherine knew that denying would be the best choice. However, now that Rodney and Freya had come this far, it would be difficult for them to make peace with each other again. Therefore, she openly admitted it. “His memory has mostly recovered. He remembers most of his past except for some little things.”

Rodney was astonished. “Sure enough, Sarah didn’t lie to me.”

“It’s been almost half a month. Are you going to send Sarah overseas?” Catherine asked with her eyes fixed on him.

Rodney said embarrassedly, “At first, I planned to send her overseas two days ago. But since her hand has been burned, it’ll take at least four to five days for her injury to heal. In fact, it’s uncertain whether she can recover. But Freya, I beg you. After all, you’re my legal wife. I don’t want to investigate the matter to find out who’s right and wrong. All I want from you is to apologize to her. Let’s bring other matters to an end too, okay?”

“Rodney, you just don’t understand how much seeing you standing in front of me is making me hate you. I wish I could divorce you right now.”

Freya immediately pulled Catherine and left. She could not be bothered to look at him anymore.

Rodney clutched her wrist with a grim expression.

Freya broke free from his clutch and walked away without turning back.

As he stared at her silhouette, Rodney felt disappointed and powerless.

He even began to blame Freya, wondering why she could never understand him nor put herself into his shoes.

On this day, Rodney was in and out of the hospital.

When Eliza was ready to head back home to rest after having an IV infusion in the afternoon, she happened to see Rodney leaving.

Her eyes narrowed.

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