Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2000

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2000

Freya said with a frown, “Eliza must be tired  from all the drinking yesterday.  She usually says whatever comes to mind, but today she looks  listless. Oh, I forgot to ask if she has had her hand bandaged too.”

“Hand?” Catherine was puzzled.

“When I told Eliza what Sarah did to Charity yesterday, Eliza was so mad that she crushed the wine glass into pieces.” Freya sighed.

A glint flashed in Catherine’s eyes. “But she doesn’t know Charity. Why was she so mad?”

“Why not? It’s normal for a humane person to be mad when they hear that.”

Catherine went silent. If it were her, would she fly into a fit of fury and crush the wine glass into pieces?

Of course, it was normal to be angry, but she would probably slap the table or smash the glass. In her opinion, people who did this would be those simmering with anger yet had no way to vent it.

“You, too, think that my argument makes sense, right?” Freya said with dissatisfaction, “Sadly, the hot coffee didn’t ruin Sarah’s face yesterday.”

“Drop it.” Catherine  looked at her seriously.  “ Freya, you’re now a mother. Can you please don’t act so impulsively? It would be fine if you slapped or punched Sarah when you met with her yesterday. But if you destroyed her looks in public, where they would be witnesses and physical evidence, you can g o to jail. Don’t expect that Rodney will hide the truth. After all, Sarah is his weakness.”

Freya’s mouth opened, but her throat felt like it was stuffed with cotton.

After a while, she was overwhelmed with rage and discontent.

This was not the outcome she anticipated either. However, when Charity was in jail, she always used to visit Boris, who was admitted to the hospital because he was exasperated. Due to that, she interacted with Jennifer frequently, even more than Catherine did.

She knew full well that Jennifer was gentle and kind.

She still remembered the tearful look on Jennifer’s face, worried about her daughter and husband.

Yet, Jennifer died so miserably.

Sarah had destroyed the Neeson family, as well as Freya’s irreplaceable youth. She even made Freya hate Rodney, which was why Freya could not pull herself together.

However, after being reminded by Ryan and criticized by Catherine, Freya realized that she was too impulsive and irresponsible.

Catherine patted her shoulder lightly. “I understand your pain. Charity is my good friend, and I respect Aunty Jennifer as my elder. In fact, I’ve never forgotten how Sarah plotted against Shaun. But Shaun and I are trying to come up with an appropriate solution. Even if we want to take revenge against Sarah, It’s not worth involving ourselves in it.”

“I got it.” Freya nodded dejectedly.

The two of them took the elevator down. As soon as they walked out, they came across Rodney, who was holding a lab sheet.

Since they were not too far away from each other, it didn’t take long for Rodney to catch sight of them. His handsome face darkened, and his grim eyes settled on Freya. “Why are you guys here?” Are you guys planning to trouble Sarah again?”

“So Sarah is staying here as well.” Seeing how protective he was of Sarah, Freya could not help but scoff. “Judging from her minor injuries, it’s a waste of resources for her to be hospitalized.”

Rodney’s eyes flashed with fury. He gazed at Freya’s face that he used to find beautiful. However, the sight of her hysterical expression yesterday made him feel unfamiliar with her. “Freya, are you for real? Do you know how badly you burned her yesterday? If she hadn’t blocked her face with her hands, her face would’ve been ruined.”

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