Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1999

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1999

Or could it be that it was Eliza’s first time taking the initiative?

To his surprise, he felt his heart racing madly. It was quite interesting. Soon, he turned into an active kisser too.

Before he could savor the kiss, Eliza had already left. The romantic sensation was still on his lips. “ I’m done. Can I have my phone back?”

Chester stared closely at her lips, which were initially pale but had turned pink after the kiss. There were even sparkles in her eyes.

The itch in him to do something was very bad. It felt as though it had been scratched and that he could not get enough of it.

He even had the thought of pressing her onto the bed regardless.

However, he was a rational person. After fixing his eyes on her for a while, he returned the phone to her. “Lizzie, you’re so sweet.”

Eliza’s face was void of emotion.

Chester pinched her chin. “Don’t you feel shy?”

“I think I need to brush my teeth, ” Eliza said calmly.

Chester’s gaze turned grave, but he soon let out a laugh. “You need to get used to this. You can’t possibly brush your teeth every time this happens.

After all, brushing too many times will damage your teeth.”

With that, he left the ward.

Then, he walked to a window and could not help but light a cigarette. That kiss was d*mn amazing.

His rationality told him that he should not involve himself with Eliza because of Charity.

Nevertheless, that unscrupulous character of his would always try tempting him into the deep abyss, ever since he was young.

He wanted Eliza and yearned to get her. This thought had never been this strong.

In the ward, Eliza kept a cold face. However, she did not brush her teeth. Instead, she used tissue paper to wipe it violently.

God knew how badly she wanted to bite his tongue off.

The closer she got to Chester, the more disgusted she felt. The kiss was dirty and nauseating.

After calming down, she took her phone and gave Freya a call to explain the matter.

Upon hearing it, Freya was relieved. “You frightened the wits out of me. I thought Chester took advantage of you because of me. Luckily, he didn’t, or I would never forgive myself. By the way, which ward are you in? I’ll visit you.”

Eliza told Freya her ward number.

Then, Freya contacted Catherine. By the time the two of them arrived at the ward, it was already 11:00.

As soon as they entered the ward, Catherine noticed that Eliza looked much more haggard and paler than before.

She could not help but say with a frown, “How much did both of you all drink yesterday for Eliza to end up in the hospital.”

Freya felt guilty, whereas Eliza smiled nonchalantly. “It had nothing much to do with drinking. I actually caught a cold and had a fever last night.”

“Why was Chester around this morning when you caught a cold and a fever?” Catherine found it strange.

“He learned it from my manager. After all, I am signed to his company. ” Obviously, Eliza did not want to talk much about it. “What’s more, my phone was with him yesterday.”

Catherine nodded and said cautiously, “Anyway, you shouldn’t drink so much next time. It’s not good for your health.”

“I didn’t mean to do it. It was all because of Sarah.” Freya was sulky. “Fine. I won’t behave like this anymore. Ryan just taught me a lesson this morning. I’ll stay strong for Dani’s sake.”

Eliza did not say a word. She was afraid that the mention of Sarah would make her lose herself.

“Alright. I know Sarah is wicked, but don’t worry. Shaun won’t let him off.” Catherine comforted her. “Eliza, let me peel an orange for you.”

The two of them accompanied Eliza in the ward for half an hour before they left.

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