Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1998

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1998

“Yeah. Her phone is with me.” Chester furtively glanced over at Eliza. “She’s having porridge on the bed.”

Having porridge on the bed…

His words made her think of something. Within a few seconds, a campy plot flashed in Freya’s mind. Could Chester have taken advantage of Eliza while the two of them were drunk yesterday and that they just only got up?

Freya was worried sick. “Chester, you b*stard! What have you done to Eliza?”

Her voice was so loud that Eliza heard what she said too. Could not bear with Chester anymore, Eliza extended her hand. “Chester, pass me my phone.”

“Beg me.” Chester raised his brows.

Eliza had an overwhelming urge to throw the porridge at his face there and then, but she held it in.

She must not act on impulse when dealing with

people like Chester. Who knew if he would duck her head into the sink?

She did not want to go through what she did yesterday.

On the other end, Freya insisted on having Eliza answer the call. However, Chester responded, “ Eliza doesn’t want to beg me. This means you’re not that important, so I’m going to hang up.”

With that, he put the phone back into this pocket.

Eliza’s face turned grim. “Young Master Jewell, why are you being a jerk? That’s my phone.”

“Really? I didn’t know. I picked it up yesterday. ” Chester smirked. “ If you treat me nicely, I might consider returning it to you.”

Eliza was tired, so she really did not want to be nice to him.

However, her phone contained a lot of secrets, as well as some important numbers. “Young Master Jewell, I beg you to return the phone to me.”

“Is this how you beg someone?” Chester remained still. “You’re so cold and distant.”

“What do you want me to do then?” Considering Eliza’s head still hurt, she did not want to think too much.

Chester fixed his eyes on her chapped lips and then suddenly laughed. He said, “ I’ll return it to you if you kiss me.”

He specifically asked for a kiss but not a peck.

Eliza gazed at him silently, without uttering a word. This atmosphere made the assistant beside her feel

awkward. “I’m going to the restroom.”

She quickly gave an excuse to leave.

Chester curled his lips into a playful grin. “Your assistant knows what’s best for us, huh?”

Eliza was filled with conflict and disgust. “My phone is only worth a few thousand dollars. I can buy a new one and get a SIM card.”

“Really? If you don’t see any worth in it, I won’t force you. ” Chester slowly rose to his feet. “This phone will be mine then.”

Seeing that Chester was about to leave, Eliza’s fists tightened under the blanket. “Hold on…”

“Why? Are you hesitating?” Chester halted in his steps, his handsome face revealing a hint of evilness. “Everyone has some secrets in their phones. It all depends whether you think a kiss is more important than your secrets.”

Eliza clenched her teeth and stayed quiet for half a minute before her fists relaxed. “Come here.”

Chester walked up to her bed. Then, he bent over and stared at her face. Although her features were exquisite, she looked haggard. Compared to those women he had encountered, she was indeed unattractive.

However, when he exchanged looks with her, he somehow felt like getting a taste of her.

Eliza approached his lips without saying anything. Chester noticed she had opened her mouth that was tightly shut just now, and her warmth began to surround him.

Her thin lips might be cold, but the kiss was hot and raw. There was even a taste of porridge in her mouth.

While bending over, Chester felt something in his spine.

He wondered if it was because he had not been with a woman for a long time.

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