Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1997

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1997

In the Lodge.

Freya woke up from a hangover with the sunlight shining through the window.

She suddenly sat up, and her head hurt.

Was she not drinking with Eliza? Why did she end up here?

Was it the next morning already?

Freya did not feel good about the situation. She hurriedly put on her clothes and went downstairs. “ Aunty Loretta, where’s Dani…”

Before she could finish her sentence, she saw Ryan sitting on the couch and carrying Dani in his arms with a milk bottle in his hand. From her chubby face, Dani seemed content with the milk. What a cute baby she was.

However, that scene was bizarre.

Upon noticing the noise, Ryan lifted his eyes and glanced at Freya. He did not say anything for fear of disturbing Dani.

Instead, Aunty Loretta came with a basin of water and explained softly, “Young Master sent you home yesterday. You were drunk, but Dani insisted on having you take care of her, and I couldn’t deal with her alone, so Young Master coaxed her to sleep.

This morning, Dani made quite a fuss, and it was also Young Master who soothed her. Since she’s hungry, she’s drinking some milk again.”

Those words made Freya guilty. Nevertheless, she never thought that Ryan would be able to soothe Dani.

After Dani finished her milk, Ryan walked up to Freya with Dani in his arms.

Once Dani saw Freya, she stretched out her hands to ask for Freya to hold her.

Freya promptly carried Dani and apologized to her guiltily. “I’m sorry, darling. I promise not to get drunk anymore. I’m sorry…”

She apologized non-stop, feeling sorry for her child.

Not only did she fail to provide Dani with a complete family, but she also did not fulfill her duty as a mother.

Ryan gazed at her with an unusually solemn face. “I hope you’ll do as you say.”

Freya lifted her head meekly. “Thank you for yesterday.”

“It was no trouble bringing a drunkard back.” Ryan frowned. “But I hope that it won’ t happen again. After all, Dani is a poor child. I understand that you’ve been occupied with the divorce matter and upset with Rodney being quite close with Sarah recently. It’s only normal, but having said that, you need to think for your child. Since you want to fight for her custody, you need to learn to be bold. She doesn’t have her dad around, and her mom gets drunk. She might be young, but she does yearn for love.”

His comments made Freya blush with shame. “I… I didn’t drink because of Rodney. I met Sarah yesterday and found out something from her, so I was very annoyed.”

Ryan’s eyes became rather gentle, but he still said, “ When you’re annoyed, think about your child. She needs you. I might’ve gone too far with my words, but no one can replace a mother’s role.”

“Alright.” Freya nodded obediently, which was unusual.

“Go and have your breakfast. I need to go to work.” After pinching Dani’s cheek, Ryan turned around and made his way to the door.

As Freya watched him change his shoes at the door, she zoned out for a moment.

This scene was similar to Rodney heading out to work every morning when they used to live together those days.

She shuddered in spite of herself and swiftly asked, “By the way, did you see Eliza when you were in the clubhouse yesterday? Was she drunk?”

Ryan was stunned. “When I arrived, only you and Chester were there. I only went because Chester informed me about it.”

“Chester?” Freya froze. “D*mn. Eliza seemed to have drunk a lot yesterday. Could Chester have done something to her?”

“That’s impossible. Eliza probably left earlier yesterday.” Ryan reckoned that she might be overthinking things but left after changing his shoes.

Freya promptly called Eliza. However, it was a man who answered the call. His voice rang a bell to her.

“Eliza, someone would like to speak to you.” “Chester, why is Eliza’s phone with you?” Freya was stupefied.

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