Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1994

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1994

“What do you mean?” Chester wiped off his face.

“After Hailey went to Eliza’s house, she found that she had a fever at home, her clothes and hair were all wet.” Shedrick sighed. “Now I’m sent to the hospital. This week, all the activities will be done. I have to stop and estimate the loss is tens of millions.”

Chester said after being silent for a while, “I can only watch her drunk and want her to wake up and press her head in the washbasin.”

“Brother, I really convinced you.”

Shedrick almost wanted to scold “grass”. Although Chester has long known that Chester is cruel, but at least he is rarely seen to embarrass a beautiful woman except for his harsh words. There are also those who are tired of playing and turn their faces ruthlessly, but they don’t want to do it themselves.

“You don’t know Eliza is the most afraid of water.” Shedrick said, “Don’t look at Eliza who is usually very dedicated in filming, but as long as she shoots in the water, she finds a stand-in for the scene. You still put her head in the water. the wonder of this real trouble. “

Chester obscure the face look” As for you.”

“Hey, I heard Hailey said she had been flooded so is the shadow hey, I told you not I went to the hospital to see her in person. She now has our company and lays golden eggs.” Shedrick hung up after speaking.

Chester’s mind leaning against the water flashed through Eliza, who was in the club before, shaking and horrified after coming out of the water.

It turned out that she was afraid of water.

That woman even dared to stabbed him with a knife, and the woman was afraid of water.

No wonder she looks like that.

He lit a cigarette with a cold face.

He didn’t put on a bath towel until he finished sucking one of them and drove to the hospital after showering it casually.

Late at night, in the hospital.

Eliza was admitted to the hospital, and the news was like a small stone dropped into the pond.

Chester walked in wearing a mask, and sometimes he heard several nurses whispering beside him.

“I heard that Eliza was sent to our hospital, true or false,?”

“It is true that the emergency department is on duty. The colleague who saw it was reported to have a fever.”

“I really like Eliza and I really want to get her to sign it.”

“She lives now, and the hospital whose ward has already been sealed let us keep it secret unless we don’t want to work anymore.”


Chester went straight to the emergency department.

When Shedrick had just arrived, Hailey and his assistant were also there. The faces of the three people who saw Chester personally came were all strange.

“How’s it going?” Chester fell on the bed, Eliza.

She did not wake up and closed her eyes with a delicate face, her small face was clean, she did not show a trace of blood, and there was a needle in the back of her hand.

He only finds it funny.

Is it necessary? He pressed it down, and he was paying attention at the time. He didn’t think that it would be overwhelmed by her and he wanted to teach her a long time.

This lesson is quite big, but Chester suddenly discovered that she was standing upright in front of her and talking back to him, her appearance was even more moving.

Eliza in his eyes should have a thorn, how could the rose be so weak.

Hailey said, “The doctor said that she had a fever of 39.”

“Not too high.” Chester said lightly as a doctor who had a fever of 40 degrees.

Hailey was choked, or if Chester had her boss, he wanted to scold his mother.

Shedrick patted Hailey on his shoulder, “I have taken anti-fever medicine, but the doctor said she might have been in a coma because she was frightened.”

The ward was quiet again. Chester didn’t dare to speak.

Hailey and the assistant looked at Chester secretly, and no one knew what he wanted to do.

Although I heard that Chester wanted to pack Eliza a while ago, the news was that the two of them who didn’t have the following did not care about it. I didn’t expect that Chester would come in person tonight.

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