Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1993

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1993

“Mr. Jewell told me to put it on his tab, ” the bartender said.

“ It’s just chicken feed, ” Chester said nonchalantly.

Considering Chester’s identity, Ryan did not dwell on this matter.  “Thank  you.  I’ll take her back now.”

With that, he picked Freya up. After rubbing her head  against  his chest,  Freya fell asleep peacefully.

Ryan’s arms tightened as he walked away with Freya in his arms.

Chester was not in the mood to stay there either, so he turned around to leave the clubhouse. After getting into his car, he took Eliza’s phone out of his pocket. The phone was white in color and did not even have a cover.

He had seen many women’s phone covers that were mostly pink and glittery. Only hers was so simple that it did not seem to belong to a woman.

For some reason, Eliza’s face earlier suddenly flashed across his mind.

With that, he drove to Felix Media.

The moment he entered the president’s office, Shedrick was astonished. “Hey, what brings you here, Young Master Jewell? Hang on. Are my eyes deceiving me? Why is there a woman’s handbag in your hand?”

Chester tossed the handbag on the table. “It’s Eliza’s.”

“Why is her handbag with you?” Shedrick’s gaze suddenly became strange and ambiguous. “Could it be that both of you have…”

“You’re overthinking it. When I was in the clubhouse, I spotted her drinking, and she was awfully drunk.” Chester darted a cold glance at him. “You should keep watch of your artists. If any reporters had caught her, she’d be in deep trouble. ”

Shedrick was shocked. “Really? Eliza normally drinks in social functions, but she has great alcohol tolerance. She rarely gets drunk.”

“Do you mean that I’m lying?” Chester pointed to the handbag on the table. “ If she weren’t drunk, would she have forgotten to take her handbag?”

“Of course, I’m not doubting you, Young Master Jewell. I’m just worried about Eliza. Could she be distressed by her relationship?”

With that, the atmosphere suddenly turned cold for an instant.

“Distressed by her relationship?” Chester smiled grimly. “She went to look for a man, huh?”

“Of course not.” Shedrick suddenly shuddered.  “ She could be distressed by other things. Let me call to ask her…”

“Don’t bother calling. Her phone is with me.” Chester crossed his legs and said lazily, “If she wants her phone back, tell her to come and take it from me in person.”

Shedrick was speechless.

Somehow, he felt that Chester was up to something. “Remember to inform her of what I said.”

Chester left right after he finished speaking.

Shedrick was at a loss for words. In this case, why did Chester come over? Did he mean to return Eliza’s handbag and tattletale on her?

However, Chester left so quickly that Shedrick did not get the chance to tell him about Cindy’s matter.

After some thought, Shedrick called Eliza’s manager, Hailey. “Do you have Eliza’s apartment key? Please send her handbag over.”

Hailey was tied up and only had time to go over to Eliza’s apartment at night.

She knocked on the door, but no one opened it. So, she unlocked the door with the spare key and entered the apartment, only to see Eliza curled up on the couch. Her face was pale, and she was shivering all over with her eyes tightly shut. Her hair and clothes were completely drenched.

The sight startled Hailey. She then touched Eliza’s forehead and found it burning.

She hurriedly called the ambulance to send Eliza to the hospital.

The Jewell family’s old residence.

While Chester was swimming in the pool, his phone rang.

He swam toward his phone. As soon as he picked up the call handsfree, Shedrick’s voice rang out. “ Young Master Jewell, when you bumped into Eliza in the clubhouse today, did you do anything to her?” “What do you mean?” Chester asked sulkily as he wiped the water off his face.

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