Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1992

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1992

Eliza swept everything off the basin cabinet and began to tic uncontrollably.

Upon noticing that something was wrong with her, Chester let her go. She anxiously lifted her head and collapsed onto the floor with her face as white as a sheet. Moreover, with her whole face and hair drenched, she was shivering all over. The usually cold look on her face was now replaced with fear. It was as though she had just experienced the most terrifying thing in the world.

Chester’s body stiffened.

It was his first time seeing Eliza lose herself.

It was as though she had been shelled and finally exposed her true colors.

He reached out, wanting to hold her.

However, Eliza dodged his hands and struggled to stand up. Then, she tottered and ran outside.

By the time Chester went after her, he realized that she had left with her hair unkempt and without bringing anything along.

She did not take her phone or handbag as well. She even left Freya here.

Chester did not expect things to turn out this way.

All he wanted was to wake her up with water and teach her a lesson.

Did she have to be so terrified?

He took out a cigarette and lit it in annoyance.

The bartender at the counter carefully brought a glass of cocktail over and asked, “Where’s Eliza? I went to look for medicine, but I couldn’t find any. Her wound needs to be disinfected.”

“Why? Is it because you’ve fallen for her?” Chester shot him a cold glare.

The bartender shuddered and quickly replied, “No, no. Considering her status, people like me definitely don’t deserve to be with Miss Robbins. But she crushed a wine glass here just now, so we’re responsible for it.”

“Crushed?” Chester was dumbfounded. He remembered seeing the wound on Eliza’s palm, but it did not hit him that she was injured that way.

Shaun had done such a thing before too, but hardly any woman would do so.

“Yeah. Miss Robbins has great endurance. When the glass pierced her hand, she didn’t even cry out, ” the bartender said.

“Why did she crush the glass?” Chester asked after taking a pull on the cigarette.

“…I’m not sure.” The bartender was speechless. Who would know the reason?

After smoking a cigarette, Chester glanced at Freya, wondering who he should inform to pick her up.

Back then, he could ask Rodney to pick her up, but not anymore.

He should just ask Catherine.

Just as he wanted to make a call, Freya’s phone on the counter rang. It was a call from Ryan.

Chester immediately answered it. “Freya is drunk in the clubhouse. Come and take her back to The Lodge.”

Ryan was stunned. “Chester, why are you with her?”

“ I bumped into her. ” Chester gave him the bar’s address.

In less than half an hour, Ryan arrived.

“That’s fast.” Chester flicked the ashes off his cigarette, and his gaze was obscure.

“I appreciate your help, Chester.” Ryan smiled gently without addressing his question explicitly. He walked up to Freya, only to see her lying still on the table, drunk.

He furrowed his brows. As far as he could recall, she had never been this drunk before. “Chester, how much did she drink?”

“I’m not sure, ” Chester replied while looking toward the bartender.

The bartender promptly said, “Miss Lynch drank four bottles alone.” Ryan’s mouth twitched, and he took out his phone. “How much is the bill?”

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