Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1991

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1991

After topping up the alcohol, Eliza gulped down half the glass.

It seemed like she was taking the alcohol as plain water.

Chester glanced at the alcohol bottle and narrowed his gentle eyes.


This woman sure could load herself with so much whiskey.

He reached out to seize the bottle away.

Eliza turned around to glance at the man, but she could not make out his face. For one, her surroundings were quite dim because she was wearing shades. Another reason was that she was very drunk, but her mind was clear.

She thought that the man had come to flirt with her, so she said directly, “If you’re planning to hit on me, get lost. I’m not available.”

Chester’s handsome face turned extremely grim at once. He had not been pestering her recently because of Charity. Was that why she had become more unscrupulous instead?

“Eliza, have I been showing you too much  respect?” Chester put the bottle aside and dragged her off the stool with a long face.

Perhaps Chester had pulled too hard as she immediately fell forward. In the process, her shades dropped, revealing her red, misty eyes. Although there were no signs of her crying, there were tears in her eyes.

Chester fixed his eyes on her, and they began to darken. “In a bad mood?”

Eliza did not say a word. Although she could not identify the man’s face, she could somewhat recognize from the voice that he was Chester.

How unlucky of her to meet him when she was in a bad mood.

She pushed his hand away and bent over to pick up her shades.

However, her double vision at that moment made it seem like there was more than one pair of shades on the floor.

She tried to pick it up, but she felt around for a while and found nothing. Instead, she touched Chester’s leather shoes.

From Eliza’s behavior, Chester knew that she was drunk. Nevertheless, he just watched as she scoured the floor for her shades. Once she finally found it, she tottered up and put it on before resuming her cool expression.

Chester stared at her actions, and when she put on her shades, he realized that her palm was stained with blood.

Only then did it occur to him that her palm was wrapped with tissue, which fell while she tried searching for her shades. He threw a look at the tissue and found it stained with blood.

“What happened to your hand?” Chester clutched her shoulder again and grabbed hold of her hand. That was when he saw a number of fine scars on her palm and fingers as if something had cut her. Some wounds were deep, while some were minor. It did not matter if it were one or two wounds because a bandage would heal it within a few days. However, having so many wounds required treatment, or they would be inflamed.

“It’s nothing big.” Eliza firmly withdrew her fingers from his clutch.

She did not want to talk to him. All she wanted to do was sit quietly for a while.

If she were not drunk, she could have left. However, Freya was still here, so she had to ask her assistant to pick them up.

Chester was extremely put out by how this woman dodged him time and time again.

Simmering with anger, he immediately dragged Eliza toward the restroom.

“What are you doing? Let go of me.” Eliza staggered as she was dragged to the restroom.

Chester turned on the tap coldly. After that, he ducked Eliza’s head under the running faucet. “ Eliza, my patience has its limits. Since you don’t appreciate my kindness, I have no choice but to use my own ways. Only then will you be content.”

The icy water splashed onto her face and hair. She even choked on the water a few times.

However, this was not the most terrifying part. What terrified her was when she recalled herself dying in Charity’s body.

She was drowned in the sea. Before she died, her throat filled with water, which was extremely agonizing.

At this point, it felt as if she was reliving her nightmare. She went crazy and kept struggling for her life.

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