Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1988

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1988

A hint of sympathy flashed across Rodney’s eyes, and he promptly picked Sarah up. “Let me take you to the hospital.

After they arrived at the hospital, the doctor examined Sarah’s condition and said, “Your injuries are quite severe. What happened? Judging from your face… were you beaten up? Do I need to call the police?”

Rodney’s throat bobbed, and he heard Sarah reply, “ No need. I accidentally injured myself.”

The doctor had seen all kinds of patients. Nevertheless, he did not ask the patient further since she did not plan to look into the issue. He only added, “Anyway, your condition has been jotted in the medical record. If you want to look into it, you can always ask me to issue a report to you.”

“Thank you, doctor.” Sarah expressed her gratitude in a low voice and then looked down without saying anything else.

Those words upset Rodney.

He even felt that he had wronged Sarah again. If it were not for him, she could have held Freya accountable.

At the same time, he could not help but blame Freya. If the hot coffee had splashed onto Sarah’s face, her face would have been disfigured.

However, he could not believe that Freya was so vicious.

Her words may be harsh, but during his time with her, he realized that her bark was worse than her bite.

After calling the bodyguard out of the ward, the bodyguard said, “When I barged in to save Miss Neeson, I happened  to see… Young Madam holding a carafe to splash the coffee at Miss Neeson’s face. I t was quite… terrifying. When I kicked the carafe with my Martin boot, it burned the outer layer of m y boot.”

Rodney lowered his head and looked at the bodyguard’s boot. Indeed, there was a burn mark on the bodyguard’s Martin boot.

He dared not imagine what would have happened if the coffee landed on Sarah’s face.

A chill rose within him in spite of himself. “Did you hear what they said from outside?”

The bodyguard furrowed his brows. “The private room had good soundproofing. From what I could vaguely hear, Miss Neeson seemed to have claimed that she isn’t romantically involved with you, and you like Young Madam… Before I could catch what they said later, I heard a commotion.”

The chill in Rodney slowly spread.

Although he knew that Freya would not listen to any explanation, he never thought that she would go as far as destroying a woman’s appearance.

What an evil deed it was.

She had always criticized Sarah for being vicious, yet what she did was even more appalling.

He could not even figure out why Freya had become like this.

If the bodyguard had not stopped her in time, her action could have been considered a crime.

Was she under the impression that she could do whatever she wanted just because she had the executive council backing her?

When Sarah was finally done with IV infusion, she said softly, “Rodney, don’t stay here with me.

There are a lot of people in the hospital. If news about this spreads and Freya sees it, it’ll be difficult for you to mend your relationship with her.”

“I’m sorry, Sarah.” The more forgiving she appeared, the more apologetic Rodney felt. “ It’s all my fault.”

“How is it your fault? It’s because of my lack of self— knowledge. I shouldn’t have looked for Freya.” Sarah let out a deep sigh before saying sorrowfully, “The misunderstanding between her and I is just too big. Rodney, I really hope you won’t get a divorce. If possible, please send me overseas as

soon as you can.”

Looking at her pale face, Rodney nodded with difficulty.

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