Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1985

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1985

Freya sat directly opposite Sarah. After driving a considerable distance, she happened to feel thirsty, so she poured herself a cup of coffee.

Just as Sarah’s red lips parted slightly, Freya interrupted her. “If you’re planning to fake sympathy and tell me that you’re not romantically involved with Rodney, you’d better keep your mouth shut. I’m not in the mood to watch you act.”

Sarah darted a look at Freya for a while before she suddenly smirked and laughed. Then, she approached Freya and muttered under her breath, “ Sure. But do you want  to know how Jennifer died?”

Jennifer was Charity’s mother.

Although Freya had only met Jennifer a few times, she remembered the latter weeping bitterly after Charity got into jail. Later, Jennifer was somehow found dead in the bathroom.

“Were you the one who killed her?” Freya tightened the grip on her cup.

“Who did I kill? What are you saying?” Sarah revealed an innocent look and said in her normal voice, “I came here to tell you that Rodney truly loves you. He told me that he’s married, so it is impossible for us to be together. All he wants to do is live a good life with his wife and child.”

Freya glanced at the door and replied in a deep voice,  “ Sarah Neeson, I want to know the  truth.”

Sarah took a sip of coffee. After that, she said elegantly and softly, “ I need to be on guard since there’s someone at the door. Otherwise, I’ll be in trouble if Rodney finds out my true colors. Also… ”

She pointed at Freya’s handbag and pocket. “I don’t trust you. Who knows if you’re recording our conversation.”

Freya secretly sighed. Sure enough, Catherine had anticipated this behavior of Sarah early on.

Although Freya was already getting a divorce, Sarah was still on guard against being recorded.

Hence, Freya openly took out her phone and paused the recording in front of Sarah. “Is this okay now?”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t trust you completely. ” Sarah went closer to Freya and spoke as softly as a mosquito buzzing. Even so, Freya could catch everything she said.

“Well, I had a row with Jennifer when I went to meet her that day. I told her that a b*tchy mistress like her deserved to have her daughter sent to jail. When she became infuriated, I jumped at the chance to hypnotize her. After I left, she became so muddle-headed that she hit the bathroom cabinet and passed out. Because she was bleeding a lot and

we missed the chance to resuscitate her, she died.”

Sarah’s red lips curled into a smirk, her eyes filled with malice. “I had always hated Jennifer since I was young. If it weren’t for her, my family wouldn’t

have ended up in this state. That was why she had to die. But I mustn’t leave any evidence of her death.”


Freya’s eyes seethed with rage, and her whole body was trembling Although she and Catherine had suspected this outcome, that was just their assumption, and it was never confirmed.

Now that she knew the truth, she had an overwhelming urge to strangle the woman in front of her.

“Besides, I poured Jennifer’s ashes into the drain after she died, ” Sarah continued softly, “How could I possibly allow her to be buried with my dad? A

woman like her should stay in the nasty drain.”

Freya glared at Sarah with both her hands trembling.

Aunty Jennifer was such a gentle person, yet she could not even rest in peace.

“Don’t stare at me like that. Charity knows this too.” Sarah shrugged. “Also, do you know why Thomas messed with you back then? Hah. It was because you were Catherine’s good friend. It happened that Thomas was interested in you, so I egged him on to barge into your house. I told him he could do whatever he wanted to you because I would get someone to bail him out. Even if he wanted to destroy you, it did not matter.

Unfortunately… he almost did it. Too bad.

“I was also the one who circulated photos of you in that disheveled clothing to the reporters.

“At that time, I was thinking of destroying you completely.”

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