Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1984

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1984

Hence, Freya replied to Sarah’s message, telling her to meet at a high-end coffee house.

After that,  she called Catherine.  “I’ve decided  to slap Sarah twice when I meet her. Since she has sprained her ankle, I’ll break her leg and remove all her clothes. Hmph! I’m going to show everyone that shameless woman’s— ”

“Alright. You can do whatever you want since you don’t care whether Rodney will misunderstand you or not. Sadly, the preschool is having some parent- child activities, so I won’t be able to accompany you.” Catherine reminded her, “Be careful.”

“Of course, I will. I even plan to record our conversation. When Rodney and I get a divorce, I’ll expose her true colors to him.”

Catherine thought about it for a moment before she said, “ Sarah would probably have thought about this trick. She’s very cautious now, and she might not fall for it.”

Freya grasped her point. However, she still wanted to give it a shot.

After making a trip to the office, Freya headed to the coffee house in the afternoon.

When she arrived, Sarah was already in the private room, and standing at the door was a tall and burly bodyguard.

Freya did not know the bodyguard, but he was probably a Snowden member whom Rodney had assigned to protect Sarah.

Sure enough, the bodyguard blushed as soon as he saw her. “Young Madam…”

Freya sniggered. “I think you’re addressing the wrong person. Your Young Madam should be the one in the private room…”

“Don’t say that, Young Madam. Young Master and Miss Neeson’s relationship isn’t what you think… ” The bodyguard bit the bullet and explained, “Young Master has only arranged for me to protect Miss Neeson for the time being. In fact, Miss Neeson came here today to talk you out of divorcing Young Master Snow…”

Freya understood what was going on. It was no wonder this bodyguard would tag along with Sarah. “ So Rodney doesn’t know that the both of you are

meeting me today?”

The bodyguard shook his head.

“Aren’t you afraid that Rodney will be unhappy with you allowing her to meet me without his knowledge?” Freya asked with her brows raised.

“Young Master Snow doesn’t want to divorce you either. If everything can be made clear, he’ll be happy as well,” the bodyguard responded calmly.

Freya could somewhat grasp the picture. Sarah must have tricked this bodyguard, but that was not surprising. If Young Master Snow had been tricked terribly, let alone his men.

She laughed out loud. Then, she pushed the door and entered the room without bothering to answer him.

In the room, Sarah was dressed in a Chanel white coat with her long, black hair falling over her shoulders. She gave off an elegant aura.

Freya recognized the Chanel coat as she had previously come across it in a magazine. The coat had just been made available in the local market and was quite costly. It was worth over 100 thousand dollars.

Everything Sarah had now — her meals and her accommodation — were all arranged by Rodney.

It seemed like he was willing to spend so much on her.

As she recalled how touched she previously was to receive a gift from Rodney every morning, Freya found herself silly and superficial.

The cheapest thing in the world was money-bought items. “I’m sorry, Freya. My leg is troubling me, so I can’t stand up and welcome you personally.” Sarah pointed at her leg.

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