Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1983

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1983

Feeling speechless, Ryan reminded Heidi, “Mom, I just turned 26 this year, which is far from 30.”

“After you’ve turned 26, you’ll be 27. How far is that?” Heidi said in a huff, “It’s about time you got a girlfriend. You can get married after a few years of being in a relationship.”

“Mom, I have no thought of getting married.” Ryan took a mouthful of milk and then continued, “I have no feelings for the women I’ve met.”

Upon hearing that, everyone at the dining table went quiet and turned their eyes to him.

Freya was no exception. She even looked at him strangely.

Nathan put down the spoon and said solemnly, “ Perhaps you have no feelings for them because you haven’t found the right person yet.”

“That’s right,” Heidi quickly added. “You best not bring a boyfriend home. I may be open-minded, but not to that extent. I’m still looking forward to having a grandson.”

“Mom, same – s*x couples can get married in this day and age, ” Ryan refuted.

“That’s their business.” Heidi pulled a long face.

Ryan shrugged and kept quiet, but a look of disapproval was written all over his face.

The rest of the breakfast went on unpleasantly. At last, Ryan took his leave first.

Heidi watched him leave grimly. “Well, what does this mean? Is he really into men?”

Freya quickly comforted her, “No, Godmom. Maybe he just hasn’t met the person he likes.”

“I hope so too. ” Heidi frowned. “But the last time he got into a relationship was in college. As far as I know, it’s been four to five years since his last relationship. A lot of wonderful and pretty girls have gone after him, but he’s not interested in any of them. He isn’t close with any women either. I’m just worried that he’ll be influenced by other beliefs.”

With that, she glared at Nathan. “ It’s all your fault. You just had to send him abroad to study when I wanted him to stay here.”

Nathan was ruffled by her words. “Stop overthinking things. That’s impossible. Our son is normal.”

After some thought, he added, “You can choose a few women with excellent family backgrounds and introduce them to him.”

Freya was speechless. At the end of the day, the two of them were worried that Ryan was gay.

However, it was true that good-looking men were not fond of women these days.

After breakfast, Freya got ready for work. Suddenly, she received a message on her phone. [Freya, I’m Sarah. I would like to have a talk with you. Can we meet up?]


What was there to talk about?

It was not as if Freya was unaware of such a hypocrite’s scheme.

If they met up, Sarah would weep coyly halfway through their conversation, as if Freya had bullied her. Then, the male character would come over, misunderstand Freya for bullying the hypocrite, and end up enemies with her.

Freya snorted.

She tossed the phone and could not be bothered about Sarah.

However, she started contemplating it after tossing her phone. She was fine with Rodney misunderstanding her. She did not plan on being with that b*stard anyway.

Perhaps if she beat Sarah up, Rodney would hate her and even divorce her readily.

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