Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1982

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1982

Freya looked dumbfounded.

She did not know about these matters.

Next to Ryan, she suddenly felt like an inexperienced fool.

“Now that you’ re staying at The Lodge, it’s good for you to get closer to Ryan.” Catherine said, “I know you dislike buttering people up. But since you’ve started a business, it’s difficult to get things done without any connections. What’s more, you need to ride on the Snows’ coattails as long as you’re still married to Rodney. Otherwise, what will happen to Dani?”

Freya nodded seriously. Catherine had reminded her of these problems that she had never thought of before.

“This shirt seems to suit Ryan. ” Catherine took a coat and began to discuss it with Freya.

Then, Freya returned to the official residence just in time for dinner.

However, Nathan and Ryan were talking business over dinner.

Unable to break in, Heidi shook her head helplessly and said to Freya, “Get ready in two days and attend a dinner with me.”

Freya was flattered. The dinner must be a special occasion to be attended by the prime minister’s wife. Coincidentally, rumors of Rodney and her divorce had been circulating recently, so Heidi must have thought of bringing her along to back her up.

Eternally grateful, Freya nodded promptly.

After dinner, she pushed Dani in a stroller and made her way toward the back courtyard. Ryan happened to be heading to his courtyard as well, so he walked with her.

“Where are my clothes?” he asked. “You said you wanted to compensate me.”

Freya rolled her eyes at him. “Young Master Snow, why are you in a rush? You’re not in need of clothes either.”

“That’s not it. I’m just worried that you’ll go back on your word. ” Ryan sighed. “That shirt was worth one month of my salary. Although I live here, my salary can’t even compare with that of rich people like you.”

Freya was stung by his remark. On second thought, he might not earn as much as she did.

With that, she started to feel smug. “I’ve bought it, but it’s in the house. You can come and take it.”

“Alright.” Ryan’s eyes lit up.

Deep down, Freya was baffled as to why he was so happy over some clothes.

After entering the bungalow, she handed three bags to Rodney. “Try them on. If they don’t fit right, I can exchange them.”

Then, she paused for a moment before explaining, “ They’re not luxury brands. As Cathy said, it’s better for you to dress in a low-profile manner

considering your identity, so the clothes aren’t expensive. They only cost a few thousand…”

“That’s good enough. I don’t usually wear expensive clothes because of my identity. ” As he spoke, Ryan took out a creamy cashmere coat, a checked shirt of the same style, and a pair of long black trousers.

However, he only tried on the cashmere coat. Since most of his clothes were dark-colored, wearing a bright coat made him appear younger and more refreshing. It would not be an overstatement to say that he was a college student.

Freya sized him up. Admittedly, his height and physique were perfect. If he were in college, he would surely be a hunk among other students. However, at the thought of his identity, she regretted it a little. “Is the color too bright? I should’ve listened to Cathy’s advice and bought the black one…”

“No. This is quite comfortable. Also, it’s boring to wear black all the time.” After Ryan finished speaking, he did not take off the coat. Instead, he picked Dani up and played with her aside.

Freya felt much better.

After all, him liking the clothes she gifted him meant that she had good taste.

Moreover, he was very respectful of her for not taking the coat off after trying it on.

The next day, Heidi darted a glance at Ryan at the table during breakfast and smiled. “This set of clothes looks pretty good on you. It makes you look gentlemanly. A change of style once in a while is good. Don’t be like your dad, who always dresses as if he’s at work. You’re almost 30, and you still don’t have a girlfriend.”

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