Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1981

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1981

“I didn’t make e****c jokes. There’s a saying among men. Guys can’t say that they’re incapable,” Freya said with a straight face.

“Are you sure… that you want to discuss this with me?” Ryan looked at Freya.

If it was possible, Freya wanted to hit her head and die.

Ryan was right. She was a woman who was not divorced yet. Why was she discussing that question with her godbrother?

Was she crazy?

Seeing that Freya’s face was as red as an apple, Ryan changed the topic. “ I’ve asked around. The wedding studio’s boss accepted your compensation. Although it was a verbal agreement, he must’ve thought that you and Rodney were getting divorced. He didn’t care much about it and leaked the information as he was currying favor with another big boss. That was why the news traveled to the reporters’ ears. Although I’ve stopped the news from spreading around the internet in time, there must already be some rumors in Canberra. Be careful.”

“Ryan, thank you.”

Freya was very grateful. Ryan indeed took care of everything properly. “Just now, if you hadn’t come in time— ”

“Remember to keep your phone reachable at all times.” Ryan interrupted her. His gaze was gentle. “ Of course, you don’t have to worry. Those reporters won’t trouble you anymore.”

Freya was puzzled.  “What  are you planning  to do?”

“ Since they’re not qualified to be reporters, they don’t have to be reporters anymore,” Ryan spoke casually as if he was discussing that day’s weather.

However, Freya strangely felt that he looked… pretty cool.

Nevertheless, the more Ryan stood up for her, the more she felt like she owed him.

The next day, Freya invited Catherine to go shopping.

At first, Catherine thought Freya was buying clothes for herself. When they walked into a men’s clothing store, Catherine said, “Shaun doesn’t need clothes. He has too many of them.”

“I’m not asking you to buy clothes for Shaun. I dirtied Ryan’s clothes yesterday. I have to compensate him.” Freya eyed the clothes in the store.

She found those clothes too fashionable. Ryan worked in the government’s office. He usually dressed quite maturely.

“Ryan?” Catherine teased Freya. “It looks like your relationship with him isn’t bad.”

“He’s a nice person. If it weren’t for him, Prime Minister Snow and his wife wouldn’t have helped me so much. The Snow family wouldn’t have agreed to me divorcing Rodney either.” Freya told Catherine about the incident with the reporters yesterday.

Catherine lamented, “It seems like Ryan has positive values. Ah, he’s Rodney’s cousin, but why doesn’t Rodney have such good values? If only you had married Ryan back then. You would’ve been the perfect match.”

Freya tsked. “How could the heavens possibly let me be so lucky? Nice guys are always taken. Besides, don’t talk like that anymore. Ryan is my brother in name now.”

Catherine sighed. “Speaking of this, your brothers are all pretty good. Forrest is mature and steady. Although he hasn’t married yet, he’s not flirty.

Ryan’s personality isn’t bad too. I interacted with him before when I was in a miserable state. He wasn’t arrogant at all. Shaun also said that Ryan… isn’t simple. He’ll most probably  surpass his father in the future.”

“No way.” Freya was startled. She did not expect that Shaun would have such high opinions of Ryan.

Catherine smiled. “He’s the youngest senator in Australia. How could he be in that position if he wasn’t capable? Moreover, I heard Shaun saying that Ryan did a lot of planning behind the scenes to pull Senator Mead and his family down. After Senator Mead was arrested, most of his power fell into Ryan’s grasp.”

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