Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1980

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1980

“Never mind.”

Ryan did not dare to be distracted anymore. He looked ahead and drove carefully.

Freya still felt guilty. “Why don’t I… buy you some clothes?”

“You’ll have to give me a set of clothes.” Ryan laughed without holding back. “I think the shirt I’m wearing inside is wet too.”

“Okay. A set of clothes it is.” Freya agreed to it generously. She was not short of money anyway. “ What size do you wear?”

“ Size L.” Ryan was not fat, but his body was buff, which was why he wore a size large.

Freya took a mental note. She was thinking of going to the mall tomorrow to go shopping.

When they were about to reach the official residence, Freya suddenly realized something. “By the way, why did you go to my place today? And how did the news of my divorce leak out? They even knew that we had canceled the wedding. Didn’t you

say that you handled it well when you were helping me to take care of this matter back then?”

After asking, she suddenly noticed that it sounded like she was trying to hold Ryan accountable.

Therefore, she added, “Don’t misunderstand. I’m not blaming you. I’m just curious. You helped me out of kindness. I know that.”

After the car was eerily silent for a while, Ryan chuckled strangely.

“Why are you laughing? Don’t take it to heart, ” Freya quickly said as she was afraid that he would be angry and overthink.

After entering the official residence and parking the car, Ryan rested his left hand on the steering wheel. He faced Freya with a resigned expression. “I could arrive in time today because I received information that the news of you and Rodney divorcing was leaked by the wedding studio you hired. I know the characters of those reporters well, so I rushed over in a hurry. Also, before I rushed over, I kept calling you but you didn’t pick up.”

Freya took her phone out. There were really two missed calls from Ryan. He had also sent her a message, telling her not to leave the company first and wait for him to pick her up.

She had switched her phone to silent mode when she was working in the laboratory. She had completely forgotten about it.

Okay, that was awkward.

She had personally dealt with the matters of the wedding studio. She even compensated them a sum of money. She thought it would be fine.

In the end, the wedding studio betrayed her yet she did not even realize it. She thought it was Ryan who did not handle the matters with the wedding planner well.

If she could, she really wanted to crawl beneath the car.

Even if she was shameless, she still felt so awkward that her face flushed red at that moment. “I… I’m sorry. I thought…”

“Miss Lynch, you shouldn’t doubt my ability to get things done. ” Ryan teased her while smiling. “On the other hand, your abilities to handle matters… Tsk tsk… You’re still lacking.”

Freya cleared her throat. After rolling her pretty eyes, she said shamelessly, “It’s true that I’m incapable. I’m not a guy anyway. It’s okay even if I’m not good at such things.”

Ryan was speechless. He only spoke after a long while, “Watch your words. There’s no need to make e****c jokes. I’m still a pure young man.”

“Ahem. That’s impossible.” Freya was on the verge of crying out of frustration. She did not want to do that either, but it was better than letting the awkward situation continue.

However, the next topic was awkward too. “At least I won’t make e****c jokes while I’m talking.” Ryan was embarrassed. He could not say whether he was pure or not. Freya could test it out herself.

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