Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1978

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1978

Freya could not understand it.

No matter how awful Rodney was in the past, she thought that he still had some good traits.

How did things turn out like this?

“ I’m sorry.” Freya glanced at Ryan while feeling depressed. “If there’s really a need to file for a divorce, I’ll solve the problem myself.”

She did not want Ryan and Rodney’s relationship to turn awkward. She did not want to hold him back from his future either.

Freya was well aware of Ryan’s capabilities. It was highly possible that he would become Australia’s youngest prime minister in the future.

“It’s okay. You don’t have  to take  Rodney’s words  to heart, ” Ryan said nonchalantly.


“Some things aren’t that simple. ” Ryan reminded her. “The situation with Snow Corporation is quite different from my dad’s side. My uncle has three


Freya said, “But didn’t you say that the subsidiary that Rodney has will be the largest development project in the future?”

After a moment of silence, Ryan glanced at her. “ So… if you happen to meet Jessica,  you can act pitiful.”

Freya understood in an instant. Her heart trembled.

Although she did not want to admit it, Ryan’s thoughts made her have mixed feelings at that moment. Sure enough, no one with such a status could have simple thoughts.

“Of course, if you believe in me, you don’t have to care about the child’s custody rights or anything else, ” Ryan said. “This matter is nothing hard for me.”

“Really?” Freya bit her lip and looked at him with complicated feelings. “Ryan, why are you helping me out so much? Rodney is the one who’s my— ”

Ryan interrupted her. “Actually, anyone who has eyes will be able to see that Rodney is at fault in this matter. My uncle and the rest even conceded to let you take care of Dani. Everyone is afraid that Rodney will let Sarah take care of the child as her stepmother after getting Dani’s custody rights. No one trusts Sarah. Freya, the Snow family members

might have their own thoughts, but we’re sincere about the child. Dani is my niece too. If one step goes wrong, it might ruin the child’s entire life.

“People should do what is right and not what is wrong.”

Freya wavered.

That was right. No matter what Ryan was scheming, he had his limits too.

“If it weren’t for Dani and me, you and Rodney wouldn’t have to—”

“You’re my family. It’s my duty to protect you. ” Ryan cut her off.

Looking at the young, handsome man who was driving, Freya was touched. She felt embarrassed too. “But I haven’t done anything. How could you consider me your family?”

Ryan raised his eyebrows. He said playfully, “You got a point there. Should I stop treating you as a family member—”

“Ryan.” Freya quickly interrupted him with a stern face.  “You can’t  go back on your word. A person with a status like yours should be a man of his word.”

“Ah, okay. Since you said so, I can only accept my fate.” Ryan sighed, feeling a headache.

Seeing him acting that way, Freya could not resist pinching him on his arm.

“Ow, it hurts,” Ryan howled.

“ I only pinched you lightly.” Freya was startled by his voice.

“My mouth hurts, Sis, ” Ryan said.

Freya’s lips curved. “Alright. Since you called me ‘ Sis’, I’ll go through the trouble and buy some medicine for you.”

“Hey, I got hit for your sake, okay?” Ryan put on an innocent expression.

Speaking of that, Freya started feeling guilty. She could not help but scold Rodney, that lunatic, in her heart again.

“Wait, there’s a pharmacy in front. Stop here.” Freya quickly said.

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