Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1977

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1977

Rodney knew that his cousin had been clever since young. Ryan even got admitted to a top university overseas. Not only that, he had obtained certificates in various types of martial arts when he was abroad.

Rodney calmed down and said furiously, “Freya, if you want to get a divorce, I’ll fight you till the end for the child’s custody rights. I don’t care what Grandpa has promised you. I won’t hand Dani over to you.”

Matters that involved children were always the final straw between husband and wife.

Freya was utterly infuriated. “You told me to abort the child when I was pregnant back then, but now you’re fighting me for the child’s custody rights. Do you know no shame? When the child was not feeling well and crying a few days back, you were with Sarah the whole night. You have no right to take care of Dani at all.”

“Why don’t I have the right? My blood flows in the child too. Besides, I do well on usual days except for that particular night. Dani relies on me a lot too.

Usually, I’m the one who coaxes Dani to sleep. The nanny can be the witness to this.”

Rodney did not want to go that far. However, he truly did not want to get a divorce. He could only make threats using the child. “Moreover, my family is in Canberra, and my financial status is better than yours. If we were to bring this to the court, the chances of me winning are higher. You said I’m having an affair, but you have no evidence.”

Freya glared at him hatefully.

The child was her limit. At that moment, they did not have an ounce of feelings between them anymore. There was only hatred.

Rodney was sad from Freya’s stare. Even when they had huge fights in the past, she would not look at him this way. He softened his tone. “Freya, why do you have to do this? As long as we don’t get a divorce, the child is still yours. Dani would hope that her parents stay together too.”

Freya trembled.

She did not listen to what Rodney said toward the end.

She was utterly enraged.

To her, it was as if Rodney was snatching the child that she had painstakingly given birth to.

What would he do after he snatched Dani away? Give her to Sarah?

Dani was Freya’s child. That evil woman would never treat Dani well.

“Rodney, don’t be so sure about this.”

Ryan’s voice sounded heavenly. “Even if there’s a lawsuit, it’s not definite that the judge will grant you the child’s custody rights if there’s the prime minister’s office supporting Freya. You’re indeed very careful. Sarah isn’t staying in a property that’s under your name now. However, when we go to court, we can get the people who used to be your closest friends to be witnesses, like Shaun and Chester. Besides, you must be unfamiliar with Australia’s law. The judge will usually give the child’s custody rights to the mother for children below three years old. After all, Freya’s financial situation is pretty good too. Actually, you don’t stand a chance of winning,” Ryan said.

Rodney’s pretty and handsome face was so angry that it looked as if it was cracking. “Ryan, do you have to go against me? Think clearly. Although you have your dad’s help, you can’t lose the support of Snow Corporation if you want to advance further in the future.”

In the Snow family, Nathan’s family possessed influence.

Jason’s family had money. The future development of Snow Corporation was slowly being handed to Rodney. Therefore, he had the qualifications to say those words.

Money and influence complemented each other.

Ryan smiled and did not say a word. After letting Freya get in the car, he started the car and left.

Freya sat in the passenger seat. She saw Rodney standing at the same spot and kicking the lamp post out of anger from the rearview mirror.

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