Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1976

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1976

Ryan patted Freya’s shoulder to soothe her. He said, “It might’ve been that way at first, but there has to be fate between people as well. After interacting with her, my parents thought Freya was nice, so they willingly took her in as their goddaughter. My mom also believed that there was fate between them. Otherwise, why did they help Freya at the end instead of you?”

After pausing for a moment, Ryan added, “Rodney, the reporters were asking the same things that you were saying just now. Many outsiders are gossiping about it as well. No wonder other people don’t respect Freya whenever she goes out. To be frank, isn’t it because you, her husband, have those same thoughts as well? That it’s only because of you that she has her current identity in Canberra?”

Freya silently agreed with Ryan’s words.

At the same time, he made her feel supported.

In the past, Freya’s interactions with Rodney were shallow. Even in her heart, she believed that with his status, Rodney would not fall for her.

Therefore, she never thought of getting close to him.

It was different now. She really treated Ryan as her family.

Rodney gritted his teeth upon hearing Ryan’s words. He was ashamed. “Ryan, don’t talk nonsense

It’s not like what you said. I had enough of you. Why do you keep driving a wedge between Freya and me? You’re trying to quicken our divorce and reap the benefits from it, right? In your dreams.

The Snow family won’t agree. Your parents won’t either. This is incest.”

“Your words are getting ridiculous.”

Freya had the urge to slap Rodney across his face. “ There’s nothing going on between Ryan and me. Don’t think that everyone is as dirty as you.”

“I’m dirty?” Rodney clenched his fists tightly.

Freya could not be bothered to fight with him. “ Rodney, if I were you, I’d proceed with the divorce procedures as soon as possible. I already said that I’ve made up my mind. If you want to drag this on, I’ll have no choice but to file for a divorce. You won’t be willing to let Sarah carry the bad reputation as a home-wrecker, right?”

“Sarah isn’t a home-wrecker. How many times do I have to say this?” Rodney retorted. “You can’t insult people without reason.”

“Insult?” Freya laughed. “ If so, I’ll let the public decide. My husband is spending money to shelter his ex-girlfriend. Oh, by the way, he’s also planning to spend money to send her overseas and plan out her future life. He’ll even give her a sum of money as compensation. I don’t think other husbands or wives have such good treatment even when they divorce. Let’s see if the public will scold you or praise you for being righteous.”

“That’s because Sarah sacrificed a lot for me— ”

“Did she accompany you to start your career or go through hardships with you? Or did she give you company shares?” Freya interrupted Rodney sharply. “She didn’t do any of these, right? What you have today was built upon the foundation that your parents and ancestors laid down for you. You didn’t thank your parents and grandparents, but you’re grateful toward Sarah instead. Do you still refuse to admit it when I say that there’s something wrong with your brain?”

Rodney’s lips moved. It was a rare moment that even his mind was stunned from being criticized.

“I really hope my child won’t be like you in the future.” There must be a hole in Rodney’s brain.

Freya pulled Ryan into the car after she spoke.


Rodney chased after them.

Ryan had quick reflexes. He stood in front of Freya.

Rodney glared at Ryan viciously. “Move away. Are you asking for another punch?”

“Rodney, I was just caught off guard just now. If we are to fight each other, it’s not likely that I’ll lose, ” Ryan said calmly.

Rodney choked.

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