Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1975

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1975

Ryan was Freya’s brother in name.

However, he was also a senator, a figure that made people fear him.


There was the sound of tires skidding. A limited- edition sports car stopped in front of Freya and Ryan.

Rodney hurried down the car. He heard some media had found out that he and Freya had canceled the wedding. He was afraid those reporters would not dare to look for him and would look for Freya instead.

However, he did not expect that he would see Ryan holding Freya’s hand when he arrived. They were about to get in the car.

Freya was following Ryan with an obedient look. She did not have the haughty expression that she usually showed Rodney.

With just a glance, that scene triggered Rodney intensely.

“Ryan, you b*****d.  I knew none of your words were true.” Rodney threw a punch after he rushed over.

Ryan’s eyes gleamed. Actually, he could have dodged the punch.

In that split second, he pulled Freya behind him and took the punch.

Seeing that Ryan, who had helped her just now, was hit, Freya shouted angrily, “Rodney, are you crazy? You hit Ryan.”

She charged forward and hit Rodney with her bag.

The bag cost tens of thousands of dollars. It was huge, and getting struck by it would hurt a lot.

After getting hit once, Rodney quickly protected his face. Catherine had just hit him on the face with her bag a few days ago. Freya and Catherine were truly sisters. Even their style of hitting people was the same.

“Don’t you know why I hit Ryan? Freya, you’re my wife, yet you’re holding another man’s hands.

We’re not divorced yet!”

Rodney grabbed the opportunity and snatched Freya’s bag. He said furiously, “No wonder you kept nagging about divorcing me. You even moved to the

official residence. I guess you must’ve fallen for Ryan, right? Are you thinking of becoming the prime minister’s wife because you believe he’ll become Australia’s prime minister in the future?”

Freya widened her eyes. Were Rodney’s words still sane? He thought of others so badly. Ryan was his cousin.

Before she could say anything, Ryan warned with a cold expression. “Rodney, we’re in public, and our identities are special. Can you be more rational with your words? Freya was surrounded by those reporters just now, so I rushed over to help her. I simply pulled her hand when I was bringing her away.”

“Did you have to hold her hand if you were only bringing her away? Just be frank that you wanted to take advantage of her.”

Ryan was an eyesore to Rodney anyway. “Other people might not know you well, but how can I not understand you when I grew up with you? You’ re like a smiling tiger. You look honest, but you’ve been a wicked person since young. If you don’t have any feelings for Freya, why are you helping her to get a divorce? Could she have been able to persuade your parents with her mere abilities? You must’ve helped her behind the scenes as well.”

Ryan raised his finger and wiped the wound on the corner of his mouth. “Rodney, as humans, we should have a conscience. When you were a good person and treated Freya well, I sincerely hoped that you guys would have a good relationship.

However, you’re not doing a good job as a husband anymore. I can’t go against my conscience and help you just because you’re my brother. After all, Freya is my family too.”

“She’s just your sister-in-law, ” Rodney said angrily, “Your relationship as a family was established because of me.”

Freya frowned. She understood what Rodney’s words meant. He meant that if it were not for him, she would not have been able to form a connection with Nathan and his family.

She knew it herself, but Rodney’s words made her heart grow cold.

However, what right did she have to speak? What Rodney said were facts.

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