Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1974

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1974

Did people not say that Freya would not have the backing of the prime minister’s family after she and Rodney divorced? Why was the prime minister’s son helping her even now?

Those reporters regretted it badly.

They initially wanted to get a piece of breaking news, yet they offended someone instead.

Ryan smashed another camera on the spot. His sharp gaze swept across those reporters. “I meet local and foreign reporters every day. However, this is the first time I’ve seen reporters like you bunch who have no standards at all. Are most of the reporters in Australia like all of you? Or are you guys the problematic ones? Do I have to get the Department of Communications to check whether you’re all qualified to be reporters?”

“Senator Snow, we were wrong.”

A female reporter stepped forward and stammered, “We were just too impatient.”

Ryan went to Freya’s side and helped her up from the ground. Then, he replied to the female reporter, “You’re not impatient. You guys just like to add insult to injury. You all think that since Freya and Rodney are about to divorce, she’ll lose the protection of the Snow family. Therefore, you don’t have to be respectful to her anymore and can even mock her without fear.”

Those reporters’ faces were flushing because they felt mocked by Ryan’s sharp words.

Freya’s heart stirred.

Although she had already experienced the fickleness of human feelings, Ryan’s words still made her feel like she was being protected.

Ryan stared at those people sharply. “I’m telling you. Even if Freya divorces Rodney in the future, she’s still someone who’s under the protection of the prime minister’s office and is the prime minister’s goddaughter.”

It was a simple sentence, yet it shocked all the reporters.

There was too much information in that one sentence. Firstly, Freya and Rodney might really get a divorce. Secondly, even if Freya divorces Rodney, her identity and status as the prime minister’s goddaughter would not change.

However, the reporters had come over and troubled the prime minister’s goddaughter.

All of them were ashen-faced. They even felt like dying.

That male reporter who was lying on the ground was trembling hard. He quickly looked at Freya with a pleading gaze. “Miss Lynch, I was in the wrong just now. I’m sorry. Please forgive me.”

He got on his knees and bowed with his forehead on the ground.

“What are you doing? Get up.” Freya was flustered.

She hated people who simply kneeled and bowed the most. It seemed like he would keep doing that if she did not forgive him. If word got out, the outsiders would say that she was abusing her power to bully people.

More importantly, they were outside. Luckily, it was not the time to get off work yet, so there were very few people around.

However, that reporter did not listen to her at all. He kept bowing his head.

Ryan asked coldly, “You don’t even have to bow your head to the prime minister, yet you’re doing that when you see us. Are you trying to force the

Snow family to establish a monarchy?”

The male reporter was utterly shocked when such a grave accusation was thrown at him.

Ryan sneered. He pulled Freya to his car that was parked by the roadside.

Freya was in a daze all the way there. When she recalled the reporters’ expressions, it seemed that they were terrified with just a single sentence from Ryan.

She could not help but secretly glance at Ryan’s handsome face. She remembered she had even warned him that he was dead meat on Whatsapp a few days ago.

Who exactly was Ryan?

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