Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1972

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1972

Ryan stared at Freya’s blushing face. He suddenly laughed. “So you’re  feeling  embarrassed.  This isn’t a big deal. When I was studying abroad, I saw plenty of foreign women breastfeeding in public at the stations.”

That was another country and not Australia.

Moreover, Freya was a young girl from the new generation. She was easily embarrassed.

“But… I still respect women.”

Ryan patted her head as he smiled. Then, he turned around and left.

Freya touched the spot on her head where he had patted her just now. It felt weird.

However, she did not think too much of it.

After breastfeeding, Freya unboxed the cake that Ryan brought over. It was not very big, just a small slice. She took a bite of it, and it was unexpectedly tasty. The taste was similar to the authentic French

desserts that she had when she was working overseas.

However, the cake was too small. After finishing the slice, she was left wanting more.

Therefore, Freya sent Ryan a WhatsApp message. [ What’s the name of the cake shop that belongs to your colleague’s wife? Is there a contact number for the shop? The cake is pretty delicious.]

Ryan: [Aren’t you on a diet?]

Could a woman be taken seriously when she said she was on a diet? Hmph.

Freya: [I’ll only have the energy to go on a diet after I’m full.]

Ryan sent an animated WhatsApp sticker that wrote ‘That makes sense’ to her. [I don’t have to ask my colleague. The cake shop is just beside my office. If you want to eat it, I’ll bring it back for you. Besides, the gates of the official residence are heavily guarded. Commoners won’t dare to send things over.]

Freya thought he had a point there.

The official residence was different from the previous villa she lived in. People would not dare to deliver desserts over even if she placed an order.

Every person who came near the gates of the official residence had to be checked as there might be spies among those people.

Freya: [But will I be troubling you?]

Ryan: [It’s alright. I usually like to feed little pigs when I’m free anyway.]

Freya let out an angry laugh. Ryan was indirectly mocking her.

She replied furiously: [Very well, Ryan. You’re dead meat.]

Ryan immediately sent a WhatsApp sticker of someone kneeling to apologize.

Freya visualized the scene of Ryan, the big shot, serving her a cup of tea as he knelt before her. She was entertained.

It was pretty amusing.

Freya continued staying at home for a few more days. After Dani had gotten used to life at the official residence, Freya went to the cosmetics company to work.

Wasting time every day and not working was not a good idea. She could not avoid Rodney forever either.

The first day she went to the company, she held an important meeting. After that, she went to the laboratory and started developing products.

Although there was a team in the laboratory, they were not as skilled as her.

Freya was busy until 4:00 p.m. She was about to get off work and had just stepped out of the elevator.

Suddenly, a horde of reporters rushed over.

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