Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1971

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1971

Freya was utterly disappointed.

“My dad can’t arrest people by force, ” Ryan explained. “We’re not sure how much Rodney is willing to go for Sarah either. If Rodney spreads the word that my dad abused his status as a prime minister to randomly arrest others after we catch Sarah, it’ll leave an unerasable stain on my dad’s career. In the next election, some politicians will surely use this to defame my dad.”

Freya tightened her grip on the fork and knife. Rodney. It was Rodney again.

“I’m sorry. Actually, Shaun personally contacted  me regarding your question as well.” Nathan sighed. “ However, I told him that although I won’t make a move in this matter, I can turn a blind eye.

Therefore, I asked him to figure it out himself.”

Freya’s eyes lit up. She understood his meaning.

After breakfast, Heidi said, “Yesterday, Rodney kept making a fuss at the gates, wanting to come in. I didn’t let him in, but I think he’ll still come over.

You should hide in the official residence for the next few days.”

Freya was in a dilemma. “But I was planning to go to the wedding planner to deal with the cancelation of the wedding…”

Ryan was about to head out. As he put on his suit, he said nonchalantly, “It’s not a big deal. I’ll help you to do it.”

“Let Ryan do it.” Heidi nodded. “You’re still inexperienced in taking care of these matters. It’s easy to get blackmailed if the problem is not properly dealt with.”

Freya understood. If the other party took advantage of the fact that it was a shameful matter and demanded unreasonable compensation, she would be uncomfortable if she had to compensate too much.

Therefore, she accompanied Dani and stayed in the official residence for the next few days without going anywhere else.

Just then, something awkward happened. When Freya was breastfeeding Dani, the sound of footsteps could be heard at the door.

She thought it was Aunty Loretta who came. After all, this building was her and Dani’s little haven.

However, when she turned her head back and saw Ryan walking in wearing a tailored suit, she was so shocked and awkward. She instinctively wanted to cover herself with her clothes but once she moved, Dani started crying in dissatisfaction as she was not full yet.

Freya could only… continue feeding Dani.

Ryan simply walked in and put an intricate little box on the tabletop in front of Freya. Then, he glanced at her with a calm gaze. “My colleague’s

wife runs a cake shop, so he gave me some. Try it.”

Freya was blushing madly, and her face felt hot.

It was the first time she breastfed in front of a man aside from Rodney.

Nevertheless, she still had to act calm and not let Ryan sense that she was embarrassed.

Moreover, Ryan looked at ease in front of Freya too as if she was just carrying the child. If she were to avoid him, the situation would turn ambiguous.

“Thank you. But… I’m on a diet.” Freya forced herself to say that.

“Diet?” Not only did Ryan not move his gaze away but he even eyed her from top to bottom. “You ate a lot in the past two nights even though you’re on a diet.”

That was because the official residence’s meals were too delicious.

Also… could Ryan stop standing in front of her?

“Uhm… Can you move away? Now isn’t a good time for me.” Freya could not bear it in the end.

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