Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1970

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1970

The next day, Freya was disturbed from her sleep by her phone’s ringtone.

It was the advisor from the wedding photography studio. That advisor previously served Rodney and Freya enthusiastically. When the advisor found out that he would be taking wedding photographs for Prime Minister Snow’s goddaughter and nephew, he was overjoyed.

“Miss Lynch, you and Mr. Snow have reserved a wedding photoshoot for tomorrow. Do remember to come, ” the advisor said. “We’ll first go to the seaside in the morning to take photos…”

After listening to the advisor, Freya remembered that she and Rodney did not only book a wedding photoshoot but also a wedding planner, hotel, and gifts for their guests.

It was so awkward.

“I’m sorry.” Freya bit the bullet and cut off the advisor’s chatter. “I’m afraid tomorrow’s schedule has to be canceled…”

“Did something urgent came up?” The advisor was anxious. “But we’ve already arranged our photographer and team.”

“We won’t be doing the photoshoot anymore.” Freya did not hide the truth. The photoshoot could not be done anyway. There was no need to delay other people’s time. “Let’s do it this way. Make a  list of all your losses and give it to me. I’ll take responsibility and compensate you.”

The advisor was dumbfounded. He initially intended to release Freya and Rodney’s wedding

photos so that their company’s popularity would skyrocket. “Why is that? Is it because you two aren’t free? If so, we can postpone it first— ”

“We’re not planning to hold the wedding anymore.” Freya interrupted him.

“How can you not have a wedding? Every woman yearns to have a romantic wedding—”

Freya cut him off annoyedly. “We’re already going to be divorced, so there’s no need to have a wedding anymore. I’m sorry. I’ll compensate for your loss.”

She hung up. She did not want to hear the advisor talking anymore.

The whole thing was a joke from the start. She should not have agreed to have a wedding ceremony back then.

After Freya brushed her teeth and washed her face, Aunty Loretta came up and said, “Madam Snow asked you to go to the main building to have breakfast if you’ve woken up. Young Master has gone there too.”

Freya had a headache. It was quite stressful to face Prime Minister Snow and his wife early in the morning.

Aunty Loretta smiled and said, “Since you’ve moved into the official residence, you should get closer to the prime minister and the others.

Actually, the prime minister’s family members are all pretty approachable.”

After giving it some thought, Freya brought Dani to the main building.

It was her first time having breakfast with Nathan and his family at the official residence.

It was not like those scenes on the television where the wealthy families had their meals in silence.

They could not even show their teeth when they ate, and they were not allowed to talk.

Nathan told Freya to be at ease. He even had a conversation with her about her newly established company.

“Your idea of establishing a local cosmetics brand is quite good, ” Nathan said. “Although Australia’s development has been rapid these few years, our local brands are mediocre when placed on the international platform. I hope you’ll be able to have some accomplishments.”

“I’ll do my best. ” Upon receiving encouragement from the prime minister, Freya nodded enthusiastically.

Ryan chuckled. “You don’t have to be so nervous. This isn’t the office. You’re not my dad’s subordinate, and you’re not a civil servant as well. He won’t bite you.”

“You rascal.” After Nathan glared at Ryan, he smiled and said to Freya, “Ryan’s not wrong. Relax. Since you’ve moved into the official residence, we’re family. You can say whatever you want.”

Freya was touched upon hearing his words. She asked, “Sarah has done so many evil things. Is there really no way to catch her?”

After a moment of silence, Nathan said, “I do believe you. I believe that Sarah is an evil woman too. However, as the prime minister, my words represent the country’s law. The law emphasizes evidence. If there’s no evidence from your side, the police can’t apprehend Sarah.”

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