Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1969

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1969

Freya felt like crying when she thought of Dani. She quickly turned her face away. “Mm, I’ll be strong for Dani. But how did you know that I went drinking with my friends?”

“The smell of alcohol on you is so strong. My nose isn’t blocked.” Ryan took Dani from Freya’s arms.“ Go get a bath. I’ll play with Dani for a while more.”

Freya opened her mouth. She felt bad. She wanted to let Aunty Loretta take over, but she could not say it in the end when she saw Dani having so much fun with Ryan.

“By the way, don’t breastfeed the child after drinking wine. I heard that alcohol will diffuse into breastmilk. The child will get drunk too,” Ryan said all of a sudden after raising his head.

Freya’s face flushed red in an instant upon hearing that. Although Ryan was her brother in name, they were not related by blood, after all. She still felt awkward when she listened to a man mentioning that kind of stuff. “You don’t even have a child.

Why do you… know so much?”

“Am I not allowed to know those things if I don’t have a child?” Ryan blinked his eyes. “I know a bit of everything.”

“… Okay.” Freya fiddled with her hair awkwardly. “ Why did this room become a playroom?”

“My mom asked me to change it. ” Ryan raised his eyebrows. “Are you satisfied with it? Don’t worry, all these are odorless. They’re very safe.”

“I like it very much. Thank you. Help me thank Godmother as well.”

Freya was really touched.

Nathan and his wife had been treating her very well during these few days. They cared about her and gave her enough space.

The interior of the room was thoughtfully designed too.

She could see that Ryan was an attentive person.

“We’re family. There’s no need to say thank you.” Ryan smiled. He stretched his feet. “If you keep being so polite, I’m going to get angry.”

“Okay then. I won’t thank you anymore. Dani… is your niece anyway. ” Freya laughed with relief. She turned around and went upstairs to take her bath.

Half an hour later, she entered the playroom again. The smell of alcohol was gone, and there was a slight fragrance on her. She took Dani from Ryan’s arms. “You can go back to sleep.”

“Mm, remember to call me if there’s anything.” Ryan glanced at Freya’s wine-colored pajamas.

He had seen his mom wearing that color before. It looked old-fashioned on a woman her age.

However, Freya had fair skin, big eyes, and her features were charming. When she wore that color, he became hot-blooded with just a glance.

His gaze subtly swept across her chest.

He could not help but find it funny. It seemed that Freya was quite wary of him.

However, that was normal.

After Ryan left, Freya called Aunty Loretta over to bathe Dani.

Aunty Loretta said, “You don’t have to bath her anymore. Young Master and I already bathed Dani before you came back.”

Freya was taken aback. “He even knows how to bathe a child?”

“No, he doesn’t. But it’s not a tough thing to do. I finished bathing Dani in an instant with him carrying her. Young Master is meticulous and learns everything quickly. He even said that he can bathe Dani alone without me next time, ” Aunty Loretta said as she smiled.

Freya could not help but think that Ryan would be a good man after having his own family in the future.


Freya stopped her thoughts right there.

She grabbed her head.

Before she got married, did she not think that Rodney would be a good man as well?

Forget it. She should stop simply making assumptions. She had a bad eye for men anyway.

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