Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1968

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1968

“Cathy, say no more.” Shaun sensed Catherine’s dangerous gaze. He quickly said, “I’ll buy a bag of cat food later and eat it to atone for my mistakes, okay?”

“Haha, it’s good that you have self-awareness. ” Cathy let out a hmph coldly. She crossed her arms and turned her face away.

Shaun had a headache. How many insane things did he do in the past?

At that moment, he hoped that he would not recover his memories.

In the official residence.

Freya frantically went back to the building in the backyard. She was worried that Aunty Loretta would not be able to handle Dani.

However, when she entered the living room, she could not find Dani. Instead, she heard the child’s laughter coming from the room on the right.

As Freya hurriedly walked toward the source of the sound, she was stunned.

When she left the place in the evening, it was still an ordinary bedroom.

However, it had turned into a pink mini playground now.

The floor was covered with pink cartoon foam mats. There was even a pink tent, a rocking horse, a swing, and a pool of play b***s.

Dani was lying on the floor with a beam.

Ryan was sitting at the side. He was holding a cute teddy bear in his hands, entertaining Dani until she laughed to the point her dimples were showing.

Freya was in a daze for a long time. She almost thought she had come to the wrong place.

When Dani saw her, she waved her tiny hands happily.

That scene made Freya’s heart feel relieved.

Although she had decided to divorce Rodney, she was worried about Dani the most. Dani relied on him quite a lot. She was afraid Dani would throw tantrums. However, it seemed that Dani’s mood was quite good even though she had left for the whole evening.

“You’re back.” Ryan put down the toy. He was wearing a pure white silk pajama top with a pair of blue pajama pants. He did not care much about his hair and simply let his freshly-blown hair cover his forehead. He looked like a friendly guy who lived next door.

Freya found him cute with just a glance.

Although she met Ryan frequently, it was the first time she saw him wearing pajamas in private.

She had to admit that the Snow family’s genes were excellent. Since she had been looking at Rodney’s gorgeous face every single day in the past, she should have been immune toward handsome guys.

However, Ryan and Rodney’s looks were of different styles.

Rodney had more of a devil-like appearance. He liked to be flashy with his clothes as if he was worried other people did not know he was handsome.

On the other hand, Ryan’s fashion sense was usually reserved. It would feel as if the spring wind was blowing whenever he smiled. He was handsome and elegant. He was younger than Rodney by a few years.

Freya used to think that Rodney was fresh and good-looking.

However, now that she compared him to Ryan, she suddenly realized that a five or six-year gap in age could make a huge difference. Ryan, who was standing in front of her, had a clean face and fair skin. He did not look sleazy at all.

Even the handsome guys she saw in the club that night seemed dim in comparison.

“What are you looking at?” Ryan asked while smiling.

“Oh, I was just wondering why you came over in your pajamas?” Freya secretly wondered why she was still in the mood to admire handsome men when she was about to divorce.

Could it be that Catherine and Eliza’s brainwash attempt tonight was slightly successful?

“I was about to read a book after bathing, but I came over when I heard Dani crying.” Ryan pinched Dani’s little nose lightly. “Luckily, she stopped crying when I played with her.”

“Thank you. Sorry for making you accompany Dani again.” Freya was embarrassed. “ I should’ve come back earlier, but…”

“ It’s okay. It’s normal to be in a bad mood if your marriage failed. Sometimes, it’s good to get some fresh air and have a drink with friends. ” Ryan gazed at Freya attentively. “But don’t be sad for too long. Dani needs you.”

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