Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1965

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1965

Shaun said, “… I didn’t offend you, though.”

Catherine glanced at him. “You still hurt me a lot in the past. Don’t touch me tonight. It’s annoying.”

F*ck, he got caught up in the mess even though he laid low.

It was all that b*stard Rodney’s fault. Young Master Hill’s hatred for Rodney deepened further.

“Come on. Let’s go home.”

Freya walked over with her bag. “I have to go back to be with Dani. Dani still isn’t familiar with the official residence’s nanny. She might miss me.”

Catherine waved her hand. “Let’s go. Shaun will give you all a ride.”

“No need. My van is downstairs.” Eliza bid goodbye to the others at the parking lot.

There was a driver who had tanned skin in the van. After Eliza got in, she rubbed her temples. Her eyes that still looked happy just now slowly turned icy. “

How’s the investigation on Sarah going?”

The driver was taken aback. He said, “We found out that she went to a manor and worked as a waitress some time back. After that, she went missing.”

“Waitress?” Eliza laughed coldly. “I see.” The driver was confused.

“You don’t have to investigate this anymore, ” Eliza said, “Rodney is hiding her in a condominium.

She’s well-protected.”

The driver was astonished. “No wonder we couldn’t find her. So… what do we do now? With Rodney behind her back, it seems like…”

“Rodney said he’ll get Sarah out of Australia half a month later, but I think Sarah won’t leave so easily.”

After thinking for a moment, Eliza’s eyes became sinister and ruthless. “Sarah must die, and I won’t let her have an easy death. Keep an eye on her. Once she leaves the sight of Snowden’s people, think of a way and make a move.”

“But… ” The driver was in a dilemma. “Ever since Nathan became the prime minister, Snowden’s influence has become greater. I’m afraid you’ll be dragged into this afterward…”

“If something happens, you guys can leave first. Ever since I started preparing to get my revenge, I never thought of keeping my life.”

Eliza looked outside the window. She was supposed to be dead long ago.

Maybe the heavens allowed her to come back to get revenge because her resentment was too strong, and the underworld did not want to accept her.

She was clear about Sarah’s intentions. Sarah wanted to marry Rodney and enter the Snow family.

Ha. As long as Eliza was alive, Sarah would never achieve that.

Freya got out of the car at the entrance of the official residence.

However, before she could go in, someone hugged her.

“Wifey, you finally showed up. I’ve been waiting here for so long.” Rodney hugged her tightly.

He had been waiting here from evening until night. He had not even eaten his dinner.

Nevertheless, when he thought of Freya wanting to divorce him, he did not have an appetite at all.

Once Rodney embraced Freya’s soft body and her familiar scent wafted toward him, his heart trembled. He had the urge to meld her into his body.

Why was that woman so disobedient? Rodney missed her and the child.

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