Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1964

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1964

Freya accepted the tissue. She was touched. “By the way, Eliza, you’re not interested in dating or men at all. Is it because you’ve met horrible guys before as well?”

Eliza lowered her head and gazed at the dark red liquid in the wine glass.

She could not help but lament. The guys she met were not only horrible.

They were scumbags.

Whether as Charity or Eliza, who had already passed away, they both sacrificed their lives for scumbags.

Seeing that Eliza went silent all of a sudden, Catherine recalled Chester saying viciously that Eliza only obtained her current achievements through men.

She did not suspect Eliza’s character, but everyone had their own sad stories. She quickly nudged Freya lightly.

Freya was stunned for a moment. Then, she came back to her senses. “It’s okay if you don’t want to answer. I was just asking.”

“Actually… It’s nothing big.”

Eliza curved her intricate lips faintly.  “It’s just  that I was tricked when I was young and naive. That person was sweet with his words and was romantic. I was inexperienced, and I even thought I had met m y true love. I didn’t care when everyone was mocking me. I thought those people were jealous and envious of me. Who said that a poor girl who wasn’t from a good family didn’t deserve to meet her true love? However, it turns out he just wanted to have s*x with me because I was beautiful and young.”

She took a sip of wine elegantly. The wine dyed her lips red, like a thorny rose. Her smile became more nonchalant. “After that, he got engaged to another woman and told me not to pester him. He said that I looked disgusting when I was pestering him.”

“That’s too much.” Freya was enraged from hearing Eliza’s words.

She understood that feeling very well. She had experienced the same when she was with Patrick and Rodney.

Eliza sighed. “Is that considered too much?

Actually, these things happen a lot in the entertainment industry. Look at my hand…”

She removed the strap of her watch and revealed a scar on her wrist.

Catherine and Freya were stunned due to shock.

They could not believe it. The cold-hearted Eliza had attempted suicide for that man?

Catherine felt sorry for Eliza. “Eliza, it’s not worth it. When I used to be in despair, I never thought of taking my own life for a man.”

“That’s right. It wasn’t worth it. At that time, I thought that losing love was equivalent to losing everything. When that man knew that I attempted suicide, he came over to see me. However, it wasn’t because he cared about me. He told me not to use those cheap tricks to make him soft-hearted. He said that it was idiotic and disgusting. He even told me to go farther away to kill myself if I wanted to commit suicide.”

Eliza laughed nonchalantly as if she was not talking about herself.

Catherine grabbed Eliza’s shoulders unconsciously. “Tell me, who was it?”

Which b*stard dared to hurt her friend? She would definitely make his life hard.

“It’s no longer important who did it.” Eliza put her watch back on. Her eyes were calm with no emotion in them. “When I look back in the past, I just think that there are still many more meaningful things in life. Love shouldn’t control our emotions. Life doesn’t become meaningless without love.”

“You have a point there.” Freya had the same sentiments. “Men are nothing. Career and money can make us happier. Come, let’s drink and sing. ”

The three of them only left after having fun at the club until 7:00 p.m.

Although they did not drink much, no one dared to drive.

Catherine called Shaun over to pick her up.

When Shaun arrived, he heard Catherine shouting, “ Happy breakup! I wish you happiness. You can go and find a better one…”

Shaun rubbed his ears.

He yanked Catherine, who was having barbequed meat, into his embrace. “You’re so carefree here and left me to tend to the two children alone.”

Catherine let out a hmph. She twisted her body. “Go away. Even the sight of you men is hateful. What a bunch of scumbags. ”

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