Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1963

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1963

After the song ended, Catherine and Eliza went to Freya’s side.

“Dear Freya, I added a song to the playlist for you.” Catherine handed the microphone to Freya. “ It’s called ‘Release’,”

“Release from what?” Eliza asked.

Freya was taken aback. “Hasn’t Cathy told you yet?”

“I arrived a few minutes earlier than you. She pulled me over to sing the moment I came in.” Eliza looked at Freya’s sickly expression. She raised her eyebrows. “Did something happen between you and Rodney?”

“Not only is there a problem but we’re also preparing to get a divorce. ” Freya sighed.”That b* stard was secretly hiding Sarah, the woman that Cathy and I hate the most. Forget it. You don’t

know who Sarah is. She’s a very bad, evil woman. I despise her to the point that I want to grind her bones and scatter her ashes.”

Eliza was about to grab a wine glass. Upon hearing Freya’s words, her hand stiffened. She only grabbed the wine glass after pausing for two seconds.

After Catherine, who was at the side, glanced at Eliza’s hand, she took a sip of wine without saying a word.

“You’re so good. Doesn’t Rodney know that he should cherish you?” Eliza swayed her wine glass absent-mindedly. An icy gleam flashed across the depths of her eyes.

“Rodney liked Sarah a lot since way back then.” Freya shrugged. “ Sarah has many schemes. She has done so many evil things, yet Rodney  still feels guilty toward her. I’m really not her opponent.

Even Cathy lost to her before.”

“That’s really remarkable.” Eliza’s eyelids drooped. Her lips curved into a faint smile.

Catherine patted Freya’s back. “Don’t let Sarah be a trauma in your heart. Getting a divorce isn’t that bad. Look, you’re pretty and rich now. With Rodney gone, you still can have many other choices. The young lad who was pouring the wine just now was pretty handsome.”

The corners of Freya’s lips twitched. “You didn’t… choose this place on purpose, did you? Aren’t you afraid that Shaun will get jealous?”

“I’ve already explained it to him. He’ll understand. Besides, he won’t overestimate himself and compare himself to my good sisters. That’s like bringing destruction upon himself.” Catherine was smiling, looking like a big sister who had her man in her grasp.

Freya was surprised. “I appreciate your kindness, but I’m already terrified of relationships. That young lad just now does look quite charming, but those who work here are mostly aiming for money and benefits.”

Catherine laughed. “ So what? Some men look for pretty and young women outside. Aren’t those women doing it for the money and advantages as well? Do you think those guys are really that charming? Just like Sarah. If Rodney wasn’t the prime minister’s nephew, would she even be interested in him? No way.”

Eliza nodded. She said calmly, “I know quite a few influential women in the entertainment industry. They all like to look for handsome young guys in the same industry. Both parties fulfill their respective needs. The women lead carefree and unrestrained lives.”

Freya was horrified. “You both aren’t planning to make me into the kind of rich woman who plays around with younger men, right?”

Eliza laughed upon hearing that. “Those rich women are usually older. You’re only 26 years old. You’re young and beautiful. It’s just a matter of bending your fingers if you want any man. Cathy is just trying to tell you not to be disheartened because of one or two relationships, right?”

Catherine was astonished. She did not expect that Eliza knew her quite well. “That’s right, Freya.  Two of your relationships failed but I don’t wish for you to be traumatized. You might think that you’re a failure and not charming, but that’s not  true.  You just haven’t met the right person.”

Freya went silent. Her eyes reddened, and some emotions came gushing out.

That was right. She was traumatized. She even doubted herself before this.

She thought maybe there was a problem with her personality that made her not likable to men.

She did not even want to date anyone for the rest of her life.

” In  my eyes, you’ re  an excellent girl.”   Eliza gave Freya a tissue.” It’s not that you’re not good. There are  just too many men who can’t withstand  the test.”

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