Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1962

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1962

“Since you know that it’s your marriage, why didn’t you cherish it? I’m too lazy to talk to you. You can drag out this marriage, but Freya has no intention of spending her days with you anymore. I can see that she has made up her mind.”

Old Master Snow said resignedly, “Just let her go. Let yourself off the h**k too.”

“Let go?” Rodney was so agitated that he was about to lose control. “Grandpa, all of you were the ones who said she’s a very good woman and asked me to marry her. I got married because of you all, and now I have to get divorced because you all told me to. I’m a person with feelings and opinions as well!”

Rodney hung up after he spoke. He still had not fully vented his anger even after hanging up and simply smashed the phone.

He walked in long strides. After getting in the car, he drove speedily toward Freya’s company.

When Rodney arrived, her office door was closed. Freya’s secretary, Charlene, passed by. She reminded him, “Miss Lynch hasn’t been coming to the company these few days.”

“When will she be here?” Rodney’s expression was dark, which made Charlene afraid.

“This… I’m not very sure.” Charlene took a step backward. “But Miss Lynch said that you two are getting a divorce, so there’s no need to inform you about her schedule anymore.”

“Ha… A divorce. In her dreams.”

Rodney smashed his fist into the wall. He turned away and left furiously.

As he was leaving, he even kicked the trash can by the wall hard.

In the official residence, Freya’s mood in the morning was ruined after receiving Charlene’s call. “I most probably won’t be going to the company in these few days. If Rodney comes again, you don’t have to care about him.”

Rodney did not even like her that much. Was it necessary to make it look as if he could not forget her?

Freya thought that she was not charming enough that she would have an effect on him.

She honestly did not want to drag things out with Rodney.

In the evening, Catherine gave Freya a call when Dani was having a nap. “Come on out. I know that you’re in a bad mood. We’ll accompany you to relax and also celebrate that you’re about to get a divorce.”

“We?” Freya was puzzled.

“Eliza just happened to be done filming and is back to rest, ” Catherine said.   

“Oh,” Freya replied. She agreed to Catherine’s suggestion.

After giving the nanny some reminders, she drove to the private club that Catherine mentioned.

When she entered, Catherine had already booked a private room. Catherine and Eliza were sitting on the tall chairs and singing a song.

As a popular celebrity, Eliza looked like she was holding a concert with her shining aura and pretty long legs even though she was just sitting there.

Catherine was not lacking either. Both of them were sitting next to each other. They could totally become a singing duo.

A young waiter, who was pouring wine, glanced at them. It was as if his soul was being sucked out and he was in a daze.

When Catherine saw Freya entering, she greeted her.

Freya sat at the side and quietly watched the two sing.

One of them was cool and carefree, while the other was bright and charming. She was the only one who was lifeless.

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