Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1958

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1958

Ryan thought to himself that Freya must hate Sarah very much.

How much did Sarah hurt her?

“So… did you actually like Rodney?” Ryan suddenly asked, his cool eyes sparkling with anticipation.

“There was a time when he treated Dani and me well, and it was quite romantic. Besides, with his handsome looks, I definitely had feelings for him. At that time, I really did think about spending  the rest of my life with him. In fact, I could choose  to put up with him and be more strict with him to

keep this marriage, but I don’t want to.”

Freya pointed at her chest. “There’s a scar here. Even if Sarah really does leave, I’ll be reminded of how much effort I need to put in to keep such a man. Compared to Sarah, I’ll always pale into insignificance, which is why I gave up our relationship.”

Her nose turned sour, and she looked out of the window. “There’s a deep scar in my heart, and I’ve tried to remove it. But Sarah would always show up

and stab it. I don’t want to live in the darkness anymore. Rodney doesn’t understand, but I don’t plan on waiting until he does. So, I give up.”

She gave up.

She said it so directly and determinedly.

Ryan slowly averted his gentle gaze from her. Admiration and sympathy washed over him.

He had the urge to tell her that he understood even though Rodney did not.

Unfortunately, fate had messed up his relationship with Freya, who was now his sister.

However, there would be ample time for him to go after Freya since Rodney did not cherish her.

At night in the pub.

Only after Rodney called a few times did Chester pick up his phone.

“What’s the matter? I just performed an operation.” Chester’s nonchalant voice rang out.

“Chester, come over and drink with me. I’m worn out. ” Rodney burped, and his handsome face was flushed red. “Freya wants to divorce me. She said that she hates me, but I don’t get why she has to do this. Doesn’t she trust me at all?”

Chester did not say a word. Instead, he slowly undid the white coat he was wearing.

“Did you hear what I said? Come over.” Rodney said miserably, “ I’m distressed. Come over and drink with me.”

“I have a night shift later.” Chester turned Rodney down tacitly after hanging his coat.

“You can exchange your shift with someone else since you’re Young Master Jewell and the hospital is yours. But I’m getting a divorce soon,” Rodney said and then took another gulp of wine. “I’m at the pub, where we often used to hang out.”

Chester remained quiet for a moment before he said, “I said I’m busy.”

Rodney froze. No matter how much he had drunk, he grasped the message. “What do you mean, Chester? Has Shaun told you something? He’s your buddy, but I’m your buddy too.”

Chester’s attractive brows furrowed. “Rodney, you’re my buddy. You might not know me perfectly well, but you should at least 20 percent, right?”

Rodney could not get his head around it. “I understand that Shaun doesn’t like Sarah, but Sarah has nothing to do with you. She has always respected you and treated you as her elder brother Chester sighed softly. “She knows full well whether she treated me as her elder brother or took advantage of me. Rodney, I was the one who sent Charity to jail when she was innocent. Now, she is nowhere to be found. Because of Charity, Jennifer and Boris died too. Do you think I’m so cold- blooded that I don’t feel a thing?”

Although he did not express it sometimes, what frustrated him was that Rodney could not grasp the point.

He felt that Rodney should be careful.

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