Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1955

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1955

“Fine. You don’t have to explain further.” Freya looked at Rodney. “Rodney, if you explain again, I’ll find you even more disgusting. Unfortunately, you have no self-awareness at all.”

Her eyes made no pretense of the hatred she felt. This time, Rodney was indeed hurt.

She hated him?

Why did she hate him?

Did they have to end up like this?

“Let’s go in.” Heidi’s head hurt listening to their argument. Anyway, she knew that it was no use communicating with Rodney. Hence, she walked directly into the living room.

It was early in the morning, but everyone in the Snow family was there.

Since Freya was determined to divorce Rodney, she would not treat the elders of the Snow family as cautiously as she did before.

She placed the divorce papers on the table right away.

Old Master Snow’s expression turned ghastly while Wendy leaped to her feet anxiously. “Freya— ”

“Mom,” Freya interrupted her. “This might be the last time I’m calling you Mom. I’m thankful for the Snow family’s care all this while, but sadly, I can’t be your daughter-in-law anymore. I came here today to officially tell you that I’ve decided to divorce Rodney. I hope you can advise him, and please, don’t stop me.”

She sounded determined.

Wendy’s words got stuck in her throat.

Jason said sadly, “Freya,  this issue is Rodney’s fault. We’ll teach him a harsh lesson. How about this? We’ll keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn’t see Sarah anymore.”

“Dad, you don’t need to keep an eye on me. I’m not going there anymore.” Rodney’s handsome face turned pale. He did not expect things to work out this way either.

“Freya, he still has feelings for you. He might be soft-hearted, but nothing has happened between him and Sarah. I’ve asked him about it before. If he had wronged you, I would’ve kicked him out without hesitating, ” Old Master Snow said seriously.

Deep down, Freya sighed at how scheming Old Master Snow was. He might sound like he was siding with her, but she knew that he would not kick Rodney out so easily at this point.

In fact, he was just trying to sound nice.

“Yeah, Freya. Divorce is always bad for a woman’s reputation. Besides, Dani is reliant on her dad.

When you took her back to Melbourne previously, she always cried for her parents’ cuddles, ” Wendy advised earnestly.

“Dani might not be able to get used to it at first, but she’ll be okay as time passes.”

Freya was not swayed at all. “Regardless of what you guys say, I have made up my mind. I don’t mind losing everything. All I want is the child’s custody.”

“But why on earth must you get a divorce?” Rodney was exasperated, his bloodshot eyes filled with anxiety. “Do you want to leave me so badly? If you had caught me in bed with someone else, I would’ve admitted it right away. But I didn’t do anything.”

Freya sniggered coldly. “It’s because that woman is none other than Sarah. Perhaps I wouldn’t be so determined if you took care of another woman out of guilt. I don’t care if you find Sarah to be a sad woman. I’m sorry, but I wish I could skin her alive. If the law permits, I even wish to stab her to death.”

Rodney was astounded. He could feel the resentment in her gaze. “Well…”

“ If you sympathize with her, that’s your business. My hatred for her is my own, and I hate those who side with her as well. Do you get it?”

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