Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1954

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1954

As soon as the car was parked, Rodney scrambled over.

He was so worried that he did not sleep the entire night. With his unshaven face, he looked very disheveled.

“Freya, you’re here…”

He walked up to her and watched her get out of the car. Dressed in a pink hoodie and a pair of jeans covering her legs, she looked like a college student rather than a mother who had just given birth to a child.

He hurried over and extended his hands to hold Freya, but she promptly dodged him.

Desperate, he wanted to hug her by force. However, a strong hand stretched out and stopped him.

“Rodney, Freya is here to talk about her divorce.” Ryan stared at Rodney gently, but his eyes carried a hint of warning.

The second Rodney heard the word ‘divorce’, he glanced at Ryan, who was standing in front of Freya. The two of them were around the same age. One was pretty, and the other was handsome.

The scene was an eyesore to him, and it made him boil with anger.

“Ryan Snow, go away.”

He moved Ryan’s hand away and said furiously, “ Did you instigate Freya to divorce me behind my back? You’re such a scheming man. You’re trying to coax us into getting a divorce so that you can be with her, right? Dream on. The Snow family won’t allow two brothers to marry the same woman. You can forget it.”

Ryan’s handsome face gave nothing away, as if Rodney was not referring to him.

On the other hand, Freya and Heidi, who just got off, froze for a moment.

Subsequently, Freya criticized Rodney angrily, “Are you out of your mind? Me wanting to divorce you has nothing to do with Ryan at all.”

“Freya, you’re too naive. He’s interested in you and has long been eyeing you, ” Rodney said with exasperation as he pointed at Ryan.

Heidi furrowed her brows before looking at her son. Even Freya’s mind momentarily went blank.

Ryan was interested in her? How could that be?

However, Ryan’s gentle face remained calm. “Mom, you know that Freya had a premature delivery because she was mad at him. At that time, I couldn’t put up with the situation any longer. But since they already had Dani, I couldn’t  bear to see

the child come into this world to divorced parents. So, I deliberately provoked Rodney in private, telling him that I was interested in Freya. I told him that if he didn’t cherish Freya, I’d take her away from him. It’s most probably because of my provocative remarks that made him notice that he has feelings for Freya, so they got back together shortly after that.”

Heidi grasped the point, but Rodney was in a daze for a moment before he snorted. “Don’t try to fool me.”

“At that time, I sincerely hoped that you would come to your senses and cherish her, Rodney.” Ryan shrugged helplessly. “Look. If I hadn’t provoked you, you wouldn’t have realized that you’re concerned about Freya. You’re afraid that someone will s****h her away.”

“He’s not afraid that someone will s****h me away.

He just wants to save his dignity, considering his identity as my husband.”

Freya disagreed with Ryan’s view. “Because Sarah has made him lose his dignity once, he now cares about his dignity more than anyone else.”

“Freya, I really care about you…” Seeing Freya’s indifferent expression, Rodney was at his wits’ end. “Can’t you feel my love for you recently?”

“Do you mean when you lied to me that you were talking business with Mr. Micheal the whole night when, in fact, you were with Sarah? Or when you lied to me halfway through the movie that your office was on fire and left me alone for Sarah?” Freya smiled discreetly.

Rodney’s face was red with shame. “That was because…”

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