Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1953

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1953

Aunty Loretta said with a grin, “Young Master is the best, to have had the ability to attract kids since he was young.”

Upon noticing Freya’s confused expression, Aunty Loretta said, “Madam’s relatives always bring the kids over here to play, and the kids love playing with Young Master the most. Young Master is very patient with them. If I were to deal with those little devils, I’d feel troubled.”

Freya was filled with mixed feelings as it was her first time seeing this side of Ryan.

“Are you very fond of kids?” She could not help but say, “ In fact, you’re not young anymore. You can get a girlfriend and have a child.”

Ryan gave a vague smile. “Why are you behaving like my mom? I’m not even at the age where I need to get married.”

Freya thought about it and reckoned that he was right. After all, he was a few months younger than her.

She was 26 this year. It was appropriate for women of this age in Canberra  to get married,  let alone men. It would not be an issue for them to get married even at the age of 30.

“But you can get a girlfriend.” Freya said jokingly, “ That said, I’ve known you for nearly a year, but I don’t see you have a girlfriend yet. Could it be that you’re gay?”

Ryan’s mouth twitched. “What logic is that? I’m gay if I don’t have a girlfriend, huh? If women like you don’t have a boyfriend, does it mean you’re a lesbian?”

“Hehe. I’m just kidding.” Freya was somehow amused to see his speechless expression. “ I think the best age is between 20 to 30 years old. This is when we have the most freedom. When it’s time to get into a relationship, just do it. Don’t miss out on your best years! ”

After that, she sighed. “On the other hand, I’ve wasted mine.”

“20 to 30 years old… You still have a few more years to go.” A discreet smile spread across Ryan’s face. “ Quickly get a divorce and start a new relationship. Make use of your youth before it’s gone.”

“Women aren’t the same as men.” Freya shook her head and said rather pessimistically, “My love life has been difficult. Since I always meet scummy men, I don’t believe in love anymore.”

“You don’t have to be so pessimistic. Maybe the best is yet to come,” Ryan said thoughtfully.

“I don’t believe it.” Freya looked dejected. “All I want to do from now on is raise Dani. I don’t dare to get married again.”

“Don’t be like this. When it’s time to get married, just do it.”

Ryan hinted at her. “Think about it. Your first relationship failed because you were too young and ignorant of the harsh reality. Not many relationships that started at college would last.

Then, you ended up marrying Rodney only by force. After giving birth to Dani, you continued with the marriage for her sake. I believe that with my observation and your careful consideration, your next relationship will be alright.”

Freya was dumbfounded by his words. “You’re persuading me to get into another relationship when I haven’t even gotten a divorce?”

A gentle smile flitted across Ryan’s face. “A new relationship will help you get over your trauma. ”

Freya blinked. No matter how well he said it, she was still afraid of men.

Hence, she changed the topic. “I’m going to the Snow family’s tomorrow to discuss my divorce.”

“My mom and I will accompany you there.” Before she could speak further, Ryan interrupted her, “My mom has to be there, or it’ll be difficult to solve the issue.”

Freya was stunned. “Why is she treating me so well? I…”

“After having me, my mom accidentally got pregnant again. According to the ultrasound report, it was a girl, but she had a miscarriage shortly after. The doctor then said that it’s hard for her to get pregnant again, ” Ryan said helplessly. “After acknowledging you as her goddaughter , she feels like she has an affinity with you.”

“I see.”

Freya got the picture.

That night, she finally had a good sleep at The Lodge.

After leaving the villa, she felt as though she and Rodney were miles apart.

The next day, she went to the Snow family’s old residence with Heidi and Ryan by car.

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